Friday, February 15, 2013

My Long Hair Care Routine

One week from today, I'm donating my hair! This is something I've wanted to do all my life and next Friday, on the anniversary of my mom's death, I'll be chopping off 8+ inches of my hair in honor of her.

Some of you have asked what products I use on my hair and today I wanted to share with you what my "long hair care" routine has been these past couple months. First of all, let me say that my hair grows rather quickly. I have fine hair but I have a lot of it. When my hair gets really long, volume is pretty tough to get, as the length pulls down.

Scissors haven't touched these locks since the very beginning of July so, needless to say, my hair and bangs are pretty unruly at this point. Here are my go-to products I've used and loved to keep my hair as healthy as possible until February 22nd arrives:

1. TRESemme Breakage Defense Shampoo - No complaints here. I am a huge TRESemme fan because you get a lot of bang for your buck. This shampoo has lasted me almost three months and, believe me, that's a long time for this "shampoo everyday" girl!

2. Brocato Rootfix Root Lifter Mousse - Unlike most other mousses, this mousse doesn't foam up into a cloud of fluff. I spritz is straight into my roots about one minute before blow drying and, let me tell you, I can definitely notice on the days I decide to skip this step. It gives my hair that added "oomph" to last through the day and night!

3. Brocato Swell Volume Leave-in Volumizing Conditioner - I mean, what part of the name doesn't make you want to use it? This spray is my saving grace. Not a day goes by without this in my hair. Not only does it nourish my hair with vitamins, but it thickens my hair. I only spritz this on the lower three or four inches of my hair while it's wet, do my make-up while it really soaks into my hair, and then blow dry it.

4. TRESemme Breakage Defense Conditioner - I don't know about you, but I have tangly hair to the max. There are several conditioners out there that don't seem to do a thing for the tangles but this one isn't one of them. It strengthens my hair, de-tangles, and smells yummy!

5. Brocato Cloud 9 Hotshapes Miracle Flat Iron & Curling Spray - When you have long, un-trimmed hair, I will warn you that it usually doesn't style very well. I've relied heavily on my clipless curling iron to give me loose, voluminous waves. The waves mask my grown-out, uneven layers and make my hair seem a bit less dramatically long. Because of all the daily heat I'm applying to my hair, this spray not only protects and prevents heat damage, it also leaves your hair feeling "silky and smooth."

6. TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray - What can I say? I like my hairspray. I didn't grow up in the dance competition world for nothing! Although I no longer use enough hairspray to make my hair a firm object, a little teasing and hairspray around the crown is necessary to keep my hair from being pulled down flat onto my scalp.
Long hair = heavy. Hairspray = my best friend.

I have loved my longer-than-usual locks and it's been so wonderful to see my natural highlights brought out in the long waves. My hair has blown perfectly in the San Diego salt air, but it's time for this hair to go to someone who needs it more than I do. I'll soak up the last few days of wrapping it seven times around the barrel of my curling iron. Then, it'll be time to try something new and, for that, I can't wait :)

Any questions? Let me know!


Neely said...

Im trying to grow my super thick hair out and its a pain in the arse

Siri Natalia said...

Good luck donating! I have donated mine three times and it's always wonderful to think that it is helping someone. :)

Katie said...

Honoring your mom by donating 8+ inches is huge! :) She would be proud.

Can't wait to see the new look!

You don't spray your leave in conditioner all over? My hair has the most tangle towards the roots. Leave in conditioner is a must for me everyday.

tara said...

i swear by tresemme products! they are amazing!

Chelsea said...

love your hair!! so pretty. do you normally trim it?

Cortne Martin cocoinmagnolia said...

What a self-less thing you are doing in the name of your mama.

Kristen said...

you hair is so pretty, i can't wait to see how the new cut will look! how short will it be? i love tressemme too, their products are fantastic

Kate said...

I would love to see how you style your hair - I've always admired your waves/curls! Maybe if you don't have time to make a tutorial you could point me/us to ones you used or that show your methods?

Have you ever used the Chi flatiron spray? I live by that stuff because one of my roommates left a bottle behind one time and I've never tried anything else. What got you to choose the Brocato spray over a different brand?

Sexyladyme26 said...

I just stumbled across your blog and its wonderful!This treatment looks super interesting and I'll be looking forward to seeing if there are any other results other than softness since I'm always looking to get thicker hair!

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Paola Basilio said...

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Sarah Larson said...

The post is amazing!
I believe Hair care should be a continuous process!

Sarah Larson,
The Theradome Team