Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Know 2012 is Over

I was going to get started on my birthday recap but then, while going through pictures, I realized I never even wrote about the days [and New Year] leading up to my birthday. Here it is in pictures:

For Christmas, I asked for Lola by Marc Jacobs as it has been at the top of my "I want this perfume" list for a couple years. I must say, it sure looks nice alongside the rest of my collection!

When I ventured back to the East Coast for Christmas, I left Stella at my house and had my neighbors take care of her. I hated being without her and knowing she was alone for so long. I'll most likely be taking her with me next time. However, the joy in her eyes as she heard my voice the night I got home was unlike anything I've ever seen :)

Stella also has a handsome admirer, Charlie... He's in love. She's skeptical.

Upon returning back to San Diego, I really started to settle in and get acquainted with my new home. Naturally, sushi and chocolate were both involved. If you haven't tried Extraordinary Desserts, it's a must. I mean, look at the flower petals. San Diegans are such romantics...

Also, I clearly cannot get enough of the SD skyline.

I experienced my first San Diego Farmers' Market AND Swap Meet in the same day. While at the Farmers' Market, we got some delicious paninis and fresh juice. I went with the watermelon cucumber. Yum!

 I remember visiting my brother here years ago and we passed the huge swap meet on Sports Arena Blvd. It was the first time I heard the term "swap meet." Now, here I was actually going to it years later.

While at the swap meet, I was surprised to find Dave Hester standing next to me. Some of you may know Dave from the show Storage Wars ["Yuuup!"] He has a little spot set up where you can buy many of the miscellaneous finds he brings from storage units. Pretty cool stuff!

The NYE Party I went to was a NEON party. I waited until Saturday, December 29th to decide that I was going and had to throw together a NEON outfit in the middle of Winter. Lucky for me, I love bright colors. I found the below jewels at H&M. My date wore an awesome Kelly Kapowski shirt with neon pink. We looked fabulous and had a wonderful time :)

Seeing the San Diego skyline as the year went from one into the next was magical. I even hashtagged a shirt #NYE :) Cutting pink tape is not an easy task, my friends.

Woof. That post was all over the place and so were the pictures. I have taken SO many pictures thus far in California and, I must say, the pictures that are coming up in my birthday recap, are some of the best ;)

See ya later, 2012...


Siri Natalia said...

Love your outfit! And that perfume looks gorgeous! My husband (then boyfriend) got me the perfume I wanted for our first Christmas together and I knew he was a keeper. :)

Anonymous said...

That chocolate dessert looks so yummy...