Friday, February 8, 2013

February Confessions

It's time to confess.

I confess:
I've been singing "Only Hope"A Walk to Remember style on repeat.
It's pretty much my favorite movie.

I confess:
+I'm waiting until I cut my hair to get a California Driver's License. Sometimes I can be such a girl...

I confess:
+I get ridiculous anxiety before doing two things: Killing a bug and sending an email.
I have to re-read the email at least 20 times.
As for the bug... well...

I confess:
+My apartment is being fumigated today. This may or may not take care of my bug phobia. Pray for me.
And also, just know that this happened the other day:

I confess:
+I read about 4 different books at once and none of them are fiction.

I confess:
+I might actually finally watch Anchorman now that I live in San Diego.

I confess:
+Every time I'm at church and the "Peace be with you" "And also with you" part comes along, I think of Dane Cook.

I confess:
+I think I'm over The Vampire Diaries [gasp!]

I confess:
+I've already caught myself saying SoCal lingo more than once... "Cruise," "Kickin' it," "Way chill." Are we seeing a pattern here? Also, am I the only one who didn't know what a "roadie" was?

I confess:
+Lesson learned in life: One wrong turn and you're in the bad part of town

[Moments before the wrong turn]

I confess:
+I walked into the coffee shop yesterday [after getting lost in the "bad part of town" looking for a library], ordered a drink, sat down and started working, and the guy comes up to tell me they closed an hour ago. 'Scuse?

I confess:
+The Carrie Diaries episode from this week has now played three four times in a row on my DVR. I put it on while I'm getting work done, don't watch it, then hit, "Start over" when the episode comes to an end. Note: I have confessed this in previous months.

I confess:
+Every time I watch Teen Mom 2 now and see one of Chelsea's dogs, I still want to cry [Did you see the episode about her dog, Frankie?] :(

I confess:
I'm getting REALLY tired of all the Blogger spacing issues.
Don't make me move to Wordpress...


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

1) Anchorman is pretty much my favorite. Ya gotta watch it ;)
2) San Diego's "bad part of town" isn't all that bad. =P
3) Lets hang, or you kick it!


Ash said...

blogger spacing issues?

and yes, you MUST watch anchorman- it is SO GOOD! one of my favorites, as well... i mean.. watch it. at least 4 times. you will NOT regret it!

umm..i watch teen mom 2 & carrie diaries as well.. but i have yet to catch up on the last two episodes.. woops!

ya.. one wrong turn and BOOM, crackville..

california lingo is the best.. you know you are a true californian when you start incorporating NORTHERN california lingo into your dialect.. hella, anyone?

hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend! i think one of these weekends you will have to drive up to the glass ranch and hang out! let's plan it!

Mrs. Gish said...

OMG! SO it's not just me?? I thought I just didn't know how to use blogger correctly. It is SO irritating!

Cortne Martin cocoinmagnolia said...

I confess...very fun post and blog to read. I confess I am a re-checker/re-reader like crazy, and last I confess I have seen Anchorman at least 3 times.

Cortne Martin cocoinmagnolia said...

I confess...very fun post and blog to read. I confess I am a re-checker/re-reader like crazy, and last I confess I have seen Anchorman at least 3 times.

Katie said...

I get so excited during that song on A Walk To Remember. Love it!!!

LOVE Dane Cook. He cracks me every single time.

I think of Frankie too when I see her dogs :( Did she name the new one that her mom got her Frankie??! I mean Im sure she did this for Aubree's sake but it's still sad.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Only Hope?
Mandy Moore?
A Walk to Remember?

ALL my favorites too!! Such special memories.
And I can't stop singing...

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

SERIOUSLY LOVE Dane Cook! Totally true! Never seen that one hysterical.

And you MUST watch Anchorman STAT! I also kinda think I'm over Vampire Diaries.. I missed like 3 episodes and it went WAYYY crazy while I was gone..

Stormy said...

First off: A Walk To Remember is one of the greatest movies EVER! Second: Only Hope is constantly on replay at my house too!

Laura:: said...

i've never seen anchorman.

i've ended up in a bad part of a new town on more than one occasion (scary)

i downloaded Windows Live Writer and it allows me to blog like a boss then it will publish to blogger. in case you'd like to try that out before switching to wordpress!!

Robin said...

Blogger spacing is so irritating! I move around between HTML and Compose modes often, just to get it to look right.

Raquel said...

That song from a walk to remember was my favorite song ever in high school! I was obsessed. Still kinda am :)

Omg you HAVE to see anchorman!! SO funny!

Kristen said...

I'm over VD too, we moved and I've missed a few episodes and I didn't even realize I did until my co-worker wanted to chat about it.

Cece said...

I LOVE that song Only Hope too. I can actually work out at the gym to it since it's so inspirational to me even if slow. I'm terrified of killing bugs. If I have to do it it might take me hours just to work up the courage. It's awful.