Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happies on a Bad Day

There are a lot of words I could use to describe my yesterday but I might as well just refer you back to my "I just glazed" and "Done" quotes yesterday from the RHOC. Those two phrases pretty much describe it perfectly. So, I decided since my entire brain capacity is consumed with my big work event this weekend, I am not going to think right now.

Here are some images that bring me butterflies and smiley faces and... unicorns:

1. Take me back to P.E. class
2. Good thing the place where I spend all my time is the closest
3. She's always buzzing just like... neon, neon.
5. You go, girl

6. Billabong killing it with neon advertising/graphics
7. This goes perfectly with my 80s/90s baking/dance parties
8. The sea is my peace
9. Does it even get better than coconut ice cream?
10. He leaves me speechless...

What images turn your frown upside down? Link to them below in the comments :)

As for now, off I go to the wonderful world of event planning the week of my event. Hopefully today I won't realize my sunglasses are still on after I've been inside for five minutes. Because that happened...


Becca Moss said...

Coconut ice cream?! I die.

Chelsea said...

Mmmmm I need some coconut ice cream, it's my favorite :) Good luck with your event!! It'll all be worth it when your done :)

Misty said...

Ryan Gosling, yum.

My son is 7 and he does that in PE class too. It makes me smile that it's a fave with every generation.