Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eco-Friendly Beauty Review

If you’ve been following my blog for the past few weeks, you may have watched my first ever vlog! So exciting :) If not, you can go here to watch it. In my vlog I showed you all the products I received in my Eco-Emi June Box and explained what the program was all about.

I got a couple questions and responses to review the products, so today I’ll be telling you what I thought of {most of} them! I’m linking the product’s website to each picture so if you want to peruse their other goodies, just click!

1. Evening Facial Crème in PEACE by Blissoma


I only used this product for one night so I’m sure I haven’t seen the full benefits of it yet. Let me just say, this facial crème smells AMAZING! I said this in my vlog but I have to say it again. It is so calming, which makes it perfect for a night crème. The product smoothly blends into the skin very well and is super light so you’d never even know it was on. I patted it gently into my eye area, face, and décolleté and went to sleep!

2. Glee Gum in bubblegum flavor


This gum certainly tasted like bubblegum. The pieces are like Chiclets, similar to Eclipse brand gum with the harder shell on the outside. The flavor did not last very long and the gum itself was rather thin while chewing, unlike that of real bubblegum.

3. Merry Hempsters Organic Hemp Lip Balm in lemon-lime


If you’re a lip balm lover, I totally recommend this stuff! It tastes delicious and smells even better! It’s so great to look at the ingredients and see that everything is so natural! Like I mentioned before, I’ve always been allergic to lip balms and lipsticks so I only used this product a few times. I didn’t notice any irritation in the times I tried it, though! Plus, this lip balm is only $2.99 and comes in a ton of different flavors like Spearmint, Vanilla, and Cinnamon!

4. Organic Deodorant in Pina Colada by Salubritas


I can’t say that I’ve ever tried a deodorant balm before. It was definitely odd at first, only because I wasn’t used to it. The texture reminds me of sand mixed in some petroleum jelly. I scooped a bit out and applied it as deodorant. It seemed a bit more greasy than the regular deodorant I use, but as soon as it dried, I never noticed the greasiness. The scent (pina colada) was pretty strong. Maybe a little TOO tropical and believe me, I didn’t think there was such a thing. Cool concept though if you’re into trying deodorant balms. It lasted all day, too!

5. Organic Coconut Wax Candle by Pure Light in pure scent


Coconut is one of my favorite scents so I was very excited to try this. The sample they gave me was only a tea candle. So, once the candle was lit, it didn’t take very long for all the wax to melt until it was what appeared to be a flame floating in water. It smelled very nice and peaceful. Since the candle didn’t burn for an extended length of time, the scent didn’t carry throughout the room as a larger candle would. Once I blew the candle out, the wax hardened back up so I can still get a few more uses out of it :)

6. Face Mask in Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry by Pangea Organics


Since all facial masks are different, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but I was still rather surprised once I started distributing the product onto my face. There’s no doubt that this product is organic because it definitely looked like something straight out of the earth. Luckily, it smelled far better than it looked. The mask itself wasn’t the easiest thing to apply to my face. It wasn’t smooth and it was harder to get more coverage in certain areas. The directions said to apply it to your face and neck, but there just wasn’t enough product to cover my whole neck.

I’m really putting myself out there by posting this picture. I apologize if I scare you. I admit, when I went back into the bathroom to rinse it off, I was a bit startled when looking at myself in the mirror for the first time after putting the mask on. I don’t know… maybe it brings out my eyes ;) Kidding.


So, yeah… moving on to something more flattering that WON’T scare you off!

7. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

  • Organic Crème Eye Shadows in Pearl and Cocoa Latte
  • Body Glitter in Starlight
  • Lip Gloss in Summer Melon

Company Website

I’ve never been into crème eye shadows. I just don’t really like the “wet” feel of them and have found that powder shadows give me better coverage. I felt the same way about Lauren Brooke’s eye shadows. I applied the pearl all over my lid and used cocoa latte in the crease. It was a simple, clean look – great for a natural, somewhat shimmery look. There wasn’t much contrast in the colors though. I couldn’t really tell that I had a darker color in the crease.

The body glitter was a subtle bronze color and the consistency was a nice surprise. Instead of it being chunky glitter, it was a soft, shimmery powder much like that of actual bronzer. I added a little at the tops of my cheekbones, just below my eyes to brighten things up a bit.

Lastly, the lip gloss was nice and fresh feeling. The gloss was sheer with a little tint. In terms of melons, it was watermelon. I was hoping it would have a hint of cantaloupe somewhere in there too to give me that coral color. No such luck. Also, the gloss smells Bonnie Bell-esque. It’s fruity. A little too fruity. For my liking, at least. Here I am with the eye shadows and lipgloss on:


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

There are a few more products (such as the smoothie) that I haven’t tried yet. The July box should be shipping out soon so be looking for another vlog in a couple weeks :) Hope you enjoyed the review! Let me know if you have any questions about the products!


Megan said...

girllll your eyes are gorgeous!!!

i love learning of new products and getting educated in eco-friendly products :)

sherri lynn said...

I love the eyeshadow creme!! Your eyes look amazing!!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

i love eco friendly products! way to go green. :) thanks for the review on all of these things by the way. i really want to try that mask!

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt


Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

You are too cute, Chelsea.

That is all. :)

Liz said...

Haha I love face masks, such a guilty pleasure! Also, you have the BEST eyelashes, so jealous! xo

Laura said...

That makeup is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

The eye shadow creme looks great!!

jess said...

Eco emi is such a cool company! I had to go check out your precious vlog to see what it was all about and love it. Thanks for the review and introducing me to it!

PS You have such pretty eyes!

*elvi* said...

You need to share what mascara you use...:-) Thanks for the beauty tips!