Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blog Maintenance–Starting from Scratch

For some time now, I’ve been meaning to change my Blogger log-in email address. In case you didn’t know, it’s not that easy. Instead of just switching my email, I have to add my new email as an admin and then once  that’s done, delete my old email from my blog. Still, it’s more complicated than just that. Because I’ll be using a new email, that means I’ll have a new Blogger profile. So, not only will my profile views be reset to zero, but I will have to re-follow all the blogs I’ve been following through Google Friend Connect, using my new email/new Blogger profile.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


If you click on my new profile, the picture and About Me will be the same, as well as the blog title, but it’ll say I’ve been on Blogger since July 2011 (even though my blog was started in June 2011) and my profile views will be low.

Bummer, but I figured the sooner I change my email login, the better.

So, bloggy friends, if you see my little face pop up on your Google Friend Connect soon and you could have sworn I already followed you, chances are, I probably did. This’ll just be me re-following you. If any of you have had to do this too and have any pointers, let me know :)


K_stets said...

Are you wanting to change where all your emails go, and the email link on your profile?

Because you can do that when you edit your profile.[Under Identity it shows 'Username' then 'Email Address' if you enter in your new email address there, your profile email link will go to the new email address.]

As far as your comments, go into Settings - Comments, and scroll to the bottom to 'Comment Notification Email' and enter in the new email address.

It doesn't change your login email, but everything goes to the new email. Not sure if that is exactly what you're looking for, but it doesn't reset everything else.

Megan said...

Ughhhhh. What a mess!! At least you are doing it now and not a few months from now!

Miss K said...

such a bummer! idk why changes like that can't be more simple

Jax said...

I so had to do this recently.. I think you even commented on that post of mine bc I remember others having similar issues and was like "phew.. I dont feel like I'm all alone anymore!" Girl, I have to say it's a PAIN IN THE BOOTY to change it, but it's so much better. SO MUCH. I don't get annoyed with the process anymore. It's just so much easier. But, yeah, the whole starting over thing with your profile is really annoying. I couldnt figure out another way to do it. :( But, I can still log in to my old profile so I can go over there and make sure I got all the blogs I used to follow. I just can't copy them directly... :(

Mrs. T said...

I'm sorry, that really stinks! Hopefully things will go smoothly for you!

jess | 4th + south said...

What a bummer! I really need to change my email address too but had no idea that's what you had to do.

Lindsey said...

BOOOO! That sounds awful! I was wondering why you popped up as a new follower. Now I know!