Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Festivities on the Fourth

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and for those who celebrated, I hope your Fourth of July was full of fun!

I started the weekend off by making some tasty and festive cupcakes! While these cupcakes are certainly not a perfectionist’s dream and took me a little longer than normal cupcakes because of the food coloring and multiple batters, they were adorable and nice and moist!




As I mentioned last week, our plans for the Fourth were to start at an Arts Festival with ethnic food. My husband has been dreaming about taco stands and was finally in luck! I, on the other hand, saw a booth for Tibetan food and figured, how many chances do you get to try Tibetan food?

Art Festival

Tibetan Food

Taco Stand


I ordered the veggie momos (dish shown above) from the Tibetan restaurant. You could probably compare it to a dumpling. It had lots of flavor and was delicious dipped in a bit of soy sauce. Mmmm.

Then, we were off to Liberty Park to enjoy the 1st Annual Bula One Love Celebration full of live reggae music!

 Sione Po’uha

I saw Sione Po’uha almost immediately after arriving there! He’s the NFL player from SLC who put on this huge event!



Belt Bracelets

We bought these awesome bracelets at the art festival. They are made out of recycled belts… how cool is that??


Me, all decked out in my red, white, and blue. My husband likes to take tilted shots of me if you can’t already tell!


4th of July

The Wailers


Final thoughts on the 4th of July this year:

I love reggae music. I LOVE live reggae music. The drink Bula is so amazingly delicious and I hope they start carrying it in stores soon. Seeing The Wailers live in concert was so much fun. Looking around and seeing everyone singing “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright” is a beautiful thing. After growing up seeing the DC fireworks, no other fireworks show will ever be enough :)

Oh, and… I LOVE AMERICA! There were so many people from SO many different cultures at the One Love Celebration. It was a true reminder of the diverse country that we live in. Seeing the people, tasting the food, and hearing the music of people from different countries and backgrounds helps me appreciate this phenomenal world we ALL live in. ONE LOVE :)


Katie said...

You 2 are so cute together!

I love how you did your nails and that veggie dumpling thing looks delicious. My stomach is still recovering from all I ate this weekend oyyy!!!

Torie said...

Aww what a fun weekend! Those cupcakes look delicious! Glad to see the Bula worked out ;)

Melissa Blake said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!

CMae said...

The little dog sniffing the big dogs bum cracked me up! Ha!

Lauren said...

Love all the pics and red, white, & blue! I really wish I didn't spend all day inside. Ah, next year I'll have to make up for it.

Ashlyn said...

Looks like you had a fabulous 4th of July! I made cupcakes too! I love the leather bracelets you & your hubby got! Too cute! I wish I got to enjoy my 4th instead it stormed here :(

Alysson said...

It looks like you had a fabulous holiday weekend!! Love those cupcakes...so pretty! You and your mad are adorable together. XO


Vintage is for Lovers said...

Love your bracelets and your delicious looking cupcakes. Love your bracelets and reggae music!!! And I LOVE that you are also from Virginia! Cheers! xo Samantha

Mariel Torres said...

those are the coolest cupcakes darling!

Laura said...

too cute! your fourth of july looked amazing! please teach me how you frosted those cupcakes so perfectly!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh Chelsea, from the cupcakes (BRILLIANT!) to the snackin' variety with live music following....so GOOD lades! love the pics and re-cap of this most splendid day. even the puppehs were in fine form ; )

you look awesome in your tilt shot, so cute! hey, if you're into reggae then you might like this band called Ruffian Royale, their site has FREE downloads!!! huzzah to that. 1 love most def. ♥

Lindsay said...

1. Those cupcakes look delish!

2. What a fun way to celebrate the 4th. It looks like it was a great day!

3. Love your outfit and your nails! You and your hubby are so cute together :)

April said...

Just came across your blog and I love it!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Those cupcakes look SO good! Great photos :)

Ashley said...

I made those same cupcakes this weekend! I havent uploaded pics yet, but they were delish! I think yours looks better than mine! lol


Kaycie said...

Cute cupcakes!! i've done that with cupcakes before, but didn't even think of it for the 4th. Looks like a fun one!