Monday, July 11, 2011

Kittens, Tigers, and Cheetahs–Oh My!

No, I did not go to the zoo this weekend nor on an African safari. I have a feeling this scaredy-cat would be afraid to go on a safari, anyway. Because of the hyenas, of course.


Speaking of hyenas… what ARE they? A type of cat? Bear? Wolf? Clearly I will have to do some research. Just know that Googling “hyena” is not a pleasant sight. Enough said.

Wow. Back to the topic. This weekend we spent an evening at a park. I had my hair in a ponytail which never happens, but I must admit, I’m proud of this poof :)


Come to think of it, bears were around this weekend as well. Climbing trees…


I was not a happy camper once I saw how high up in the tree he was. Let’s just say my future kids will NOT be tree climbers, for the sake of my own heart rate.

There were also questions to pass the time like, “Would you rather be a tulip or a daisy?” to which my husband answered “daisy.” So fitting. And, “If you could be any animal, what would you be?”

Husband: A gazelle

Me: A cheetah

Clearly, I would be winning the battle in the African savannas. Yes?

Oh, and there was a pretty killer sunset. Sunsets are my favorite in case you couldn’t tell from the blog title :) If you didn’t read my most recent Fill in the Blank Friday post, I shared a little bit of my heart about sunsets there as well so check it out here.


I’m sure you’re wondering where the tiger is going to fit into all of this. Well, we made our bi-weekly(ish) trip to the Humane Society and it was there that I spotted the tiger hanging out in the dog kennels.


This was the best picture I could get of our friend Scrappy, the tiger. Okay, so he was really a pit bull but do you see the resemblance? I’m pretty sure if they don’t know what the dog is mixed with they just say, “Pit Bull/Mix.” Not just because I’m almost positive that this guy Scrappy here is part tiger, but because we took out another dog that looked like a small German Shepherd mixed with a Husky yet, you guessed it… “Pit Bull/Mix.” Hmm, okay.

I know my last post had something to do with kitties and this one has something to do with kittens, but I just can’t help myself. I don’t think you’d be able to either if you saw this…



This sweet little angel fell fast asleep in my arms after playing with my necklace and my face :) She wasn’t very pleased when I tried putting her back in the cage without waking her. The most precious “mews” escaped from her tiny mouth but I watched as she quickly fell asleep again with her siblings. It’s no nice to know these kittens have a foster home each night until they’re adopted :)

Later that night I also stopped by the mall to “ooh!” and “aah” over MAC make-up, Michael Kors watches, and Marc Jacobs handbags. “Window shopping” is only so much fun. I want the real deal! Anyone seen the movie Salt? We Redboxed that this weekend and I was pretty impressed… until the very ending. Seriously?

How were your weekends, friends? Oh, and… if you could be any animal what would YOU be? ;)


Photos: Disney , Davidson


Torie said...

If I could be any animal?? I think I'd be... a dolphin. I love the water. And even though being in aquariums kind of freaks me out sometimes, I think exploring all that underwater adventure would make me happy :) My weekend was full of work (money, yay!) and hanging out, and the occasional shopping (spending money, boo).

It looks like you had a jam-packed, animal-loving weekend! That's exciting and I applaud you :)

Lauren said...

A polar bear. Or a zebra. I don't know why, they're just my favorites :) Love your pictures as always!

Val said...

Love your pictures!

Alysson said...

Your park poof is adorable!! good for you- I can never get a poof :(
Looks like you had a great weekend. Cute kitty! XO

Alisha said...

Your sunset is gorgeous! Our little kitten does the same thing when playing in our arms. So precious.

Melissa at said...

Look at that sweet kitty! And scrappy the Pitbull/tiger is gorgeous!

If I was an animal I'd be a Koala. When we went to Australia last year, my #1 mission was to hold one. We went to a sanctuary and my mission/wish came true. Plus, they sleep 20 hours a day, and when they wake up, all they do is eat! Sounds like quite the life. ;)


Suzzie V said...

I love your poof. Those little animals are so cute!

Laura said...

cute little kitty!! so fun. hmm, that that at the top of dimple dell park? it looks familiar... the sunset pic is gorgeous!

Lindsay said...

1. That sunset is gorgeous.

2. That dog is scary.

3. That kitty is ADORABLE.

4. Your hair looks great in a ponytail - and I love your outfit!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Aww, that little kitten just made my day :) Just found your blog, can't even remember where from now... but love it! I would totally be a cat b/c I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere too

Hollie Ann said...

i love all of your animal posts! i want a kitty soooo bad!

Laura said...

I'd be a giraffe. I don't know why, and I would totally get eaten in the wild, but at least I'd see it coming. I love your poof; so jealous that I can't do it myself!

Stevie Leigh said...

Aw! So cute! Love your blog :)

MellyB said...

Kittens are so dang deceiving with their cuteness and their fluffiness.

Then they trick you and darn into cats. What the wha....?

That is a pretty amazing sunset. And if they tell you that dog is not part tiger, demand a dna test. Call in 48 hours, whatever it takes.

Stesha said...

awww these kittens are so adorable!! love them. your blog is great, I am happy I cam by it :)


Classic & Bubbly

Brother said...

A seal.