Monday, October 7, 2013

Visiting Old Hollywood

Growing up, it was no secret that I loved acting, Hollywood, and Marilyn Monroe. Just ask my college friends... my entire bathroom was Hollywood/Marilyn themed. I swear, my previous life was during the Old Hollywood glamour days. I'm absolutely sure of it. So, whenever I'm in Los Angeles, Grauman's Chinese Theatre (recently renamed to TCL Chinese Theatre) is a must!

Grauman's (it'll always be Grauman's to me) is home to nearly 200 Hollywood celebrity handprints, footprints, and autographs, hosted many movie premieres, as well as the Academy Awards back in the 1940s. (And, yes, I did do a project on this Theatre back in college. Just in case you were wondering.)

While the majority of visitors are bombarding the most recent additions, (this time it was Harry Potter and Twilight. Seriously?) I spend my time over where the classic Hollywood stars are, starting with my girl, Marilyn.

One: 2006 | Two: 2013

I find it quite funny that this was for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes :)

Then, I had to go visit some of my other old friends!

Cary Grant was such a dreamboat and I'll never forget my mom's love of Doris Day. Growing up, I remember her always singing Que Sera Sera to me, a song that's so special to me today :)

There's always something so magical in the air when you're in Hollywood. Again, maybe it's just all that deja vu from my past lifetime, but it's such a special place for me to visit. Knowing all the history there. All the dreams. All the monumental moments. How wonderful it would be to take a step back into time and walk Hollywood Blvd in the early 1950s...

Have you been to Grauman's before? Who's your favorite person to go visit?


Sunshine and Sinatra said...

I've never made it out to Cali but this is something I've dreamed of seeing!

Ash said...

i'd die over the harry potter additions.. bahahaha but not twilight.. oh hell no..

ugh i miss your face all the time!!!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I love going there! Went there in January and it was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been yet. :( I am totally with you on being enamoured with all the old school Hollywood stuff. It was such a cool time. It is just not the same anymore. I love me some Marilyn Monroe but Audrey Hepburn will always be my leading lady. ;-)