Friday, October 11, 2013

Soaking Up All That's Around Me

I know that many of you know that big changes are happening over here in my life. And, yes, I've been pretty quiet about what exactly those changes are. I'll finally be talking about the next phase of my life starting next week.

For now, I'm in total limbo.

My intuition won't shut up lately and while I'm so grateful for having the gift of strong intuition, it sure keeps me up at night and wraps my thoughts around and around like an endless vine.

Life is so bittersweet and melancholy all at the same time right about now.

But it reminds me about the precious gift of life. And how we never truly know when a day will be our last. So, for now, while I soak up all the wonderful things around me, I challenge you to view the things around you differently too.

Today, this Friday, is the last one of its kind for me. 


As I move forward, I work on being the best woman, the best sister, the best daughter, the best friend, the best colleague, the best mentor, the best girlfriend that I can be. Period. I just want to be a light. 

I am beyond grateful for all the gifts and lessons that I've been given to this day. They've helped me get where I am. I know without a doubt that the people who have been placed in my life, even if just for a moment or two, were placed there for a reason. I'm grateful for the ones who broke my heart, hurt my feelings, and let me down because they made me even more grateful for the people who never did. For the jobs that made me realize what I hate doing and for the apartments that made me realize how much stronger I am than my fears, well, take that.

Life is to be lived. And I think it goes without saying that I have lived one hell of a life thus far and I can't wait to see what the future holds. A huge thank you today to my family, friends, and the ever-so-amazing Universe for never giving up on my never-ending dreams.


Amanda aka Manda said...

This post speaks right to my heart. I feel the same way right now! Thank you for sharing it so beautifully!

Samantha said...

This was just what I needed to see... thank you for sharing. Once again, you provided a post that was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Awe are you leaving SD??? :( I hope the next path in life is just what you need!

Natalie Joseph said...

Lovely post!! Your honesty and encouragement is always part of my pick me up in the morning :)

x Nats ~