Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Peace Out, California Love

I can't believe I used to live in San Diego. I can't believe it's a thing of the past. A story to tell. Memories that I made.

Last Monday, I drove away from my house in San Diego and headed East toward my new journey. Soon, I'll share some pictures and stories during the cross country trek but for now, here are some memories from a few of my last moments in SD.

Wonderland. The most perfect place on Earth.

Wonderland is an "ocean pub" in OB that has the most stellar view in all of San Diego, if you ask me. Some people like their fancy schmancy places. I prefer a laid-back, fun environment like this one. This place is so cool that they even do a nightly "sunset toast" and on this night in particular, we toasted to the mermaids. Sigh.
I will miss Wonderland, OB, and this view.

It's no secret by now that OB [Ocean Beach] was my favorite spot in San Diego. It's edgy, eclectic, and has my favorite sunset at the Pier. So, I had to make a few more stops prior to leaving. OB also has the best spot for tacos! South Beach Grille.

I had my first and last California bonfire [until I go back!] My friends kept asking me what I didn't get to check off my list while living there and having a bonfire on the beach was one of them! So, a wonderful farewell bonfire was had and it was everything I dreamt of and more :)

I had never felt so torn leaving a city before. I invested so much of my heart and soul into San Diego. I had no idea that the Universe would have other plans for me. I left San Diego with so many wonderful, everlasting memories and friendships. San Diego helped me realize what I need in my life and what kind of people I want to be surrounded by. The pictures above encompass all of those things.

Until next time, San Diego.
World Peace & California Love.


Ash said...

world peace.. bahahahaha sorry.. i just see you signing off as miss america, which i guess you totally COULD own that title since you drove across the damn thing TWICE in less than a year (;

so the bigger question is... when are we going pageant gown shopping for you? (;



Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Awe good little last few days recap! Can't wait to hear your cross country travels I think it's neeto that you've done it so many times..

Natalie Joseph said...

I literally sighed at the end of this post. I loved it and I could feel your emotion through this post :) All the best with the future babe!