Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Each Experience Is Necessary

This weekend, I took some time away from the hustle and bustle of life, social media, and the like. I was so very inspired last week by The Daily Love Extravaganza that I carried it right into the weekend. Similar to last weekend, I made no plans and decided to let each evening and new day take me on its course. It was a pretty incredible feeling as a busy event schedule for work approaches. [As in, I'm working three weeks straight, including weekends!]

We sadly didn't see much of the sun here in San Diego this weekend. So, I picked up a few new books and was motivated to just dive right in and gain even more wisdom and inspiration. My first read was Staying On The Path by Wayne Dyer; a book full of insightful life tid-bits like this one:

How true is that? It's something I've learned first-hand and it's something I remind myself of each day. [Especially on the days that are tougher than others!] Every trial we've gone through, every celebration, every disappointment - they were all absolutely necessary. The truth is, we wouldn't be who we are today if it weren't for those experiences.

When you hit a tough day or a tough phase, remind yourself that there is a reason you are going through it. And remind yourself of how far you've come. Life is going to continue to challenge us and push us and pull us in so many directions. But it gets us where we're supposed to be if we listen, work hard, and keep going forward.


Jess said...

I completely agree. In the moment when I was thinking "why is this happening to me"- I look back and thank God that all of those things happened. At the time they were terrible, but things happen to put you in the relationships and situations you are in now! (which sometimes works out for the better).

Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} said...

Thanks for the book recommend! On my wishlist. I'm currently "listening" to Gabby Bersteins "May Cause Miracles" and am on Day 2! She's one of my faves!

Loved the notes I took from TDL/Extravaganza last week & have made a few changes, too!

Awesome post!

Chelsea said...

Too true! I will defiantly keep this in mind as I embark on my new journey this fall :)

The Pink Growl said...

Amen, preach it sister, could not be MORE true! Somedays it's tough to remember but YES!

Natalie Joseph said...

Once again, a beautiful relevant post!

x Natalie