Monday, July 29, 2013

Check That Off The Bucket List: My Kind of Trade Show

When this weekend came to a close, I had to take a look back on it in astonishment. Did it really happen? Is this really the life I'm living? It used to be something I only dreamt about as a girl on the East Coast.

Friday was an early morning as we made the drive up to Long Beach for AGENDA Trade Show - "a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite." All the big-name companies in the surf/skate apparel industry were there (Billabong, Volcom, RVCA, Hurley, Rip Curl, etc.) I went as a buyer so I was able to get an inside look at the designs and trends that will be hitting stores in Spring 2014. It was a phenomenal experience for me personally, to say the least.

Trade shows are overwhelming, regardless of what side you're on. It was interesting and eye-opening to be on the other side of things this weekend than where I usually am. Instead of working the booth, I was walking the floor. I allowed myself to be inspired by the creativity of all of these brands, however big or small they were. I listened to the stories of two chill guys with a start-up company and was in awe of the size of the successful Volcom team in their rad uniforms.

Here's a little sneak peek:

It was eye-opening. Amazing. Inspiring.

It inspired the entrepreneur in me, the designer in me, the event planner in me, and the lover of life.

I walked in the front door one way and left forever changed. As every event in life, it is what ever you make it. Not only was that trade show the first of its kind that I've finally been able to go to, but it will also mark the spot of a huge learning experience in my life.

Check back tomorrow to hear all about an even greater experience of mine that took place the following day!


Sandie LifeInPositudiness said...

This is really great Chelsea. And just to think that this is something you've always dreamed of and are now able to experience is really inspiring. So very happy for you! Can't wait to read tomorrow's post ;)

Chelsea said...

This is too cool! Loved the pictures you posted of the event on Instagram, looking forward to tomorrow's post :)

Ash said...

this is so cool! im so happy for you in your new job- what an experience it has been!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

So freaking cool... Have any job openings! I want to join in!

Miss Chelsea said...

this is awesome - i love feeling THAT inspired