Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What To Do With Your Nail Polish

Remember the days when you had two or three different nail polish colors? Those days are long gone! I don't know about you but I have a tough time keeping track of my nail polishes. You know it's bad when you're standing at the latest Essie display at Ulta and have this inner dialogue take place: 

"Shoot. Do I already have a taupe like this? Or is it more of a beige? Maybe I should get it anyway? Or should I just get the teal to be safe?"

Yup. I know I'm not alone. It's quite the debacle. But what's even worse than deciding what new color to get is figuring out how to organize that ish. For years, my nail polishes have all made friends with each other in a gallon size Zip-loc bag. I am super grateful that this bag has not given out yet because that would result in a lot of broken glass and one very colorful Chelsea. [Knock on wood!]

So, with my cross-country move right around the corner [like, next Tuesday] I'm thinking of new ways to organize my belongings because gosh knows I have a LOT of belongings. Here are some nail polish organization ideas:

1. This girl has more nail polish than I could imagine. I'm liking the idea of organized storage within a small set of drawers. Keep it all together and keep it contained.

2. I am loving the way these polishes are organized. You can open the drawer and easily see each color without digging through. Bam!

3 and 4 - Vintage suitcases are a great way to store small items - nail polish, clutches, sandals, etc. Although, I wouldn't recommend transporting them like you would a normal suitcase...

5 and 6 - Vases and various glass cases are cute and definitely decor-friendly. However, I also want something that is practical. Not only would a vase not be ideal for a cross-country move, but I don't love the idea of digging through a jar to get to what I want. Not to mention how noisy that would be. Cute idea, just not for me.

7 - Trays are a cute way to display nail polishes. Again, I'm not sure how practical this would be for me.

8 - Over-the-door storage. Take a jewelry organizer to store your nail polishes and hang it either over the door or in your closet. Just make sure the hanger is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the polishes. 

9. Stackable Tupperware - This option is definitely looking good. It's easy to access and sturdy enough whether I want to shove it under my bed or in a closet.

10. Office Organizers - Target seems to be the best place to find cute, divided organizers that are used anywhere from your office to your kitchen. I think this is a great option to keep nail polishes tidy either on a shelf or on your dresser.
So, what do you suggest? Which option should I go with?
Do you have any other ideas?
How do you store your nail polishes?

Of course, I'll let you know which option I go with, complete with pictures :)

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Tyler said...

I seriously have way too much nail polish... Right now they're in a small plastic box, it's not very cute, but it works for now ;) Maybe I need to upgrade to one of these ideas... Thanks for sharing! :)

Nikki said...

My nail polist collection is quickly growing and I am in need of a new storage solutionh as well. I really like the drawer idea!

Haley W. said...

My vote is for the over-the-door storage hanger. I currently have all mine in an old makeup bag -- so not practical because like you said...you gotta dump all of em out to get what ya want! So yeah...I think I'm gonna take the initiative to organize mine over break ;)

Brooke said...

Love the polish placed in vase's and in that suitcase! What great ideas!
Cute post!



Jenna said...

I have soooooo many nail polishes! And I just can't help but keep buying more. I need help! I keep mine in a wicker basket in my closet. Sure, I have the dump them all out on my bed when I am searching for that perfect shade of peach, but it's easy storage and keeps them all on one place!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I love ideas 5 and 8.

Cody Doll said...

My are on my window ledge. I have really old windows and they looks so cute up there but not pratical at all when it comes to finding a color. I am all over number 2. I don't think you have to do that many drawers (inless you have that many) but it seems to be the easiest.

Kristin said...

I like #7! wish i had that many!

tara said...

mine are just in a box. it's definitely not the best form of storage. i need to order a few nail polish racks!

Raquel said...

Mine are currently in a clear tub, but I definitely like the idea of the hanging shoe organizer thingy and the rack!

Kristen said...

let me know what works for you! right now i'm using an old gigantic shoe box that's falling apart and weighs an arm and a leg.

Miss Lindsay said...

When I moved I threw out a bunch and put the rest in a jar. The vintage suitcases are so cute!
Can't wait to see how you organize.