Friday, November 30, 2012

Now is the Start

Now Is The Start by A Fine Frenzy on Grooveshark

[Feel free to click the song above as you read. It's my current theme song :) ]
Wow. So, this is it. The last post in Virginia. The last post before I leave on my journey to start a new book in the Golden State!

I have been overcome by emotion these past couple days as it all sinks in.
I've been nervous, excited, scared, antsy, exhausted, sad, and jubilant [yes, I really just said that] all at the same time.

It is certainly overwhelming... but I'm ready!

This is where my path has taken me.
Through all the trials and speed bumps and hiccups along the way.
Here I am. With the world at my fingertips. Anything is possible.

I'm sure my Mom is watching over me, shaking her head and saying, "I hope you're ready for this, Chels. It won't be easy."
And I love her for that. She always challenged me.
Which is why I'm comfortable challenging myself with something as huge as moving to the other side of the country by myself.

I can either look back, wondering "what if?" or I can make my dreams a reality starting now.

Early Sunday morning, I leave for the cross country trip to San Diego.
The new book begins.

If I can update my blog on the road, I will. Otherwise, FOLLOW ME on Instagram [@chelseasunset] and Twitter as it is much easier to update there and, believe me, I will be updating as I travel through this BEAUTIFUL country!

Until then, I love you all and can't wait to share the new pages of my book with you!



The Pink Growl said...

Hugs & prayers to you as you start this new chapter in your life. You are amazing and I know it will be nothing but a great thing for you. Proud of you!

Setarra said...

Transitions are always the hardest because they signify change but good for you for following your heart and taking a chance :) It will sooo be worth it. Safe travels! xo

Carolyn said...

Best of luck on your drive to the west coast!! :)

Haley W. said...

Once unbelievably excited and happy for you!!! Your mom would be right for saying that because I'm sure it won't be easy -- but if anyone can handle it, YOU can! I'm proud of you for doing this. Praying for safe travels for you and your dad and Stella :) Can't wait to see all the pictures on IG!! Xoxoxo

Britt said...

I am so proud of you for taking the step to find your happiness. I am so excited to see what is next for you. A LA/OC/SD date will happen once you get settled:)

Kristen said...

woohoo! this is going to be an exciting time

A Girl In Beta said...

Safe travels!

Devon said...

Safe travels Chelsea! I'm stoked you're coming out here to SD. This makes our chance of meeting all the more likely. I had a blast traveling across this country. Make some great memories (i'm sure you will).

Renee said...

I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing! I moved to CA from MS a few months ago for travel nursing. It certainly is a start to a new book! Can't wait to follow along on your journey! Best of luck! :)

Kestrina said...

Good luck on this beautiful journey Chelsea. Have fun~

Your new follower,