Thursday, November 1, 2012

Powerless Entertainment

Being without power for an extended period of time requires you to get creative: With what you eat, how you stay warm, how you stay entertained, how you charge your phone, even how you sleep.

I was prepared for the power to go out and kept my phone on the charger throughout the beginning of the storm until that dreaded moment when everything went quiet. I turned my phone off right away to preserve the battery and eventually just went to sleep. But then I'd wake up and get restless, so I'd turn on my phone and starting pinning. Or tweeting. Or pinning again. I did a lot of pinning in those 36 hours of darkness.

When I wasn't pinning, I was huddled up under five blankets trying to get my toes warm. They remained icicles until my little 16-year-old cat finally got up on the couch and laid down on them. Bless her little heart.

As the phone started to die, that meant it was time for a drive. Not only to charge up the phone battery, but to warm up the blood as well. Blast the heat and turn on the seat warmers - you know the drill. But let's be honest... my battery only got up to 60% before it was time to enter the dark, cold dungeon again.

So, I'd alternate between Pretty Little Liars on Netflix [helloooo, Mr. Fitz!] and... pinning!

I pinned everything from Christmas decor [Can you believe Christmas is next month?]
... to wedding party gifts [because it's never too early to plan]
... to DIY faux furniture [who knew there was such a thing, right?]

I came up with a lot of great decor ideas thanks to Pinterest. Many of which I plan to utilize soon. I did consider using all my time without power to just have a jewelry making marathon and whip up a bunch of these bad boys for my shop...

... but then I realized power was also very necessary to make those as well. So, PLL and Pinterest it was, until my battery went down to about 25% and I started to get anxiety. At that point, I figured it was time to surrender and just go to bed early. But, you see, I was still overly-cautious about the possibility of trees falling.

So, I slept on the floor.
Underneath ten blankets. And you think I'm exaggerating...

That night, I remember having a dream of being at church and singing one of my favorite hymns. Then, I remember we were walking out of the church. I woke up in real life and opened my eyes, only to see a light on ahead of me.

Let there be light! Whether you're religious or not, you have to admit the "coincidence" of that dream and the power finally going back on after 36 hours is pretty neat :)

Also, do you like how this post is titled "Powerless Entertainment" but most of my entertainment was still squeezed out of my remaining iPhone battery power? Needless to say, I am grateful for power. And tonight in my dreams, I shall pray for the restoration of power to all those still without it :) Let. There. Be. LIGHT!


Nikki said...

I would be so bored without power or my iPhone!

CALLIE said...

So glad you are ok and survived those few days without power!!!

elise said...

love this post and i'm so glad you are safe!

Melissa C said...

Glad you're safe. Mr. Fitz - Oh My! ;)

Leanna Vera said...

We were in the dark for 26 hours and we were struggling to find things to do as well! My roommate and I spent the first night having a few glasses of wine and chatting with my roommate. Then we spent Tuesday hiding camped out at coffee shops/restaurants.