Tuesday, November 27, 2012

San Diego Trip | Part Two

As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm in the comfort of my childhood home, staring out into the familiar backyard full of trees that have now gone bare in preparation for the Winter. I wait now for the 28 foot trailer to be parked in the driveway, signaling the official and very real start of my coast to coast move.

I can't believe this is happening...

I'll share with you now the remainder of my trip out to San Diego, before it becomes home. [If you missed Part One, you can read it here!]

That Friday morning, I woke up and headed off to Apartment #3 which I had high hopes for! I was so excited after viewing it, that I filled out the application on the spot and had a nice, little chat with the landlord about life, theatre, earthquakes, and bugs... obviously. A girl's gotta be prepared! I drove around the neighborhood and surrounding area; checked out the nearby Target and Vons [gosh, I love Vons] and then picked up some sushi for lunch.

Later that afternoon, I had a fun sit-down chat with a San Diego-based jewelry designer which was a blast. On the way to her house, I certainly felt like I was driving the crazy steep hills of San Francisco! After the stop sign in the picture below, the street pretty much drops off...

After that, as I impatiently awaited the dessert date I had later that day, I received a phone call from the landlord that I was all approved and the apartment was MINE! Hallelujah! Yet another surreal moment, knowing everything was coming together. Doors were being opened. My path was being paved right before my eyes!

I could go and sign the lease the next morning. But, first... it was time for a dessert date with some awesome San Diego ladies! 

+ Hollie [from Hollie Takes Notes - now Hello Indigo]
+Jessica [owner/designer of Rose Rags]

and moi :) We went to a fun, little place in the ever-so-trendy and eccentric Hillcrest neighborhood. The place was called Chocolat and is the perfect spot to go if you're craving yummy crepes, gelato, or other desserts!
Hollie, Me, Jessica, Tammy :)

We went next door to a store full of sunglasses and I just had to pick up a pair! Then, we went across the street to probably the coolest thrift store I have ever seen. It was Halloween weekend in Hillcrest which definitely made for some great laughs, especially in that store!

I sure am lucky to already have a group of friends when I move to San Diego that I just adore. I can't wait for our next outing soon!

On Saturday, after SIGNING MY LEASE and getting my KEYS [!!!!] I spent some time in Balboa Park. It had been years since I had last visited so, while I was familiar with the area, it was still new enough to be a fun adventure for me. Balboa Park is a must for those visiting the area!

Balboa Park is full of museums, gardens, and even the world-famous San Diego Zoo. It is the perfect place to walk, explore, enjoy the beautiful Spanish architecture, and take in all the sights and sounds of San Diego. "Breathtaking" is a great word to describe this historical park!

As I walked through Balboa Park and explored the area that would soon become my home, I felt a way I had never felt before. Truly at peace. I felt as though whatever life brought my way, I would be okay. I felt a happiness so deep in my soul. I had never before been so excited for what my future held.

Moving to a new city where you only know a few people, is such an exciting thing for me. It's the times when you have to create your own world out of endless possibilities that really make me come alive. So, it was in those moments at Balboa Park... being a lone explorer in a park with so much rich history, so many people visiting from all over the world that I felt life.

I really can't believe I get to call this beautiful place HOME in only a few more days! I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to visit San Diego and even more grateful for the chance I have to move there. 


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Looks so pretty! Love your pictures.

Tyler said...

Loving all of your pictures! And congratulations on signing your lease! It's all coming together, that is so cool! :)

Holly said...

It looks amazing! I must come visit ASAP!!! I can't believe you're only days away from the big move! Good luck with the movers and getting everything all packed :) So excited for you, doll face! Love ya!

SHAYNA said...

I love it!!! I can't wait to come visit you!!! :)

Jenn said...

Yep, I continue to be jealous of your new place of residence! Keep on enjoying it. And keep posting pics so I can live vicariously through you--esp as the temps here in VA get into the 40s and lower. Wah!

Chelsea Coleen said...

my best friend just moved back to Atlanta from San Fran! She lived there for two years and absolutely loved it! Such an exciting time in your life Ms. Chels!

Carolyn said...

So exciting!!! :) :) :)

Aimee L said...

How exciting!! I've always wanted to move just for the heck of it, but I'm way too chicken! I'd need to secure a job first and foremost! I guess that's the point of saving beforehand, though :) Good luck with the move and hope you have safe travels!!

Kim Orpin said...

Now you have me dying to go back to Balboa Park! You're going to have so many great adventures!

CALLIE said...

So,So,So exciting!!! San Fran is at the top of my Must Travels List!

Katie Did What said...

I love San Diego SO much!!!! You lucky girl, I'm so excited for you! :)