Friday, November 2, 2012

Early November Favorites

The past week has been a whirlwind. I spent part of it in California, part of it in a hurricane, and the rest pulling my hair out at work. So, this week's Friday Favorites... yeah, they'll be all over the place, too.

I'm linking up with the hilarious and gorgeous Lindsey - glad she's bringing this link-up back ;)

Favorite Meal

No. Shame. I don't even eat red meat. But I eat In-N-Out. And this wasn't the only time during my trip. And, no, I don't order anything fancy-schmancy. Just the "#2 without." And I sit outside and relish in the warm, California sun while I enjoy this deliciousness.

And then there's the occasional Neo Shake. Can I marry In-N-Out?

Favorite Outfit

Who knew that I'd show up to work yesterday wearing this golden yellow sweater and my favorite scarf and get constant remarks made about how I was dressed in Fall colors? Wow, crazy concept. But, seriously... I love these colors together and *did* feel very Fall-like. Perfect for November!

Favorite Quote

This is me right now. To a T! Now, keep in mind... I am one of the least daring people. I am scared of anything and everything. But when it comes to the above, I am the first one to support that philosophy. LIVE. Find what makes you happy and never go back :)

Favorite Song

So, I was sitting at my gate in San Diego, waiting to board my plane two days early due to Hurricane Sandy getting ready to hit the East Coast. I decided to download some new songs and saw the FREE "Single of the Week" just so happened to be called "Hurricane."

Let's just say this cute song by Bridgit Mendler was what I was listening to while this dude wouldn't leave me alone. It's fun and the lyrics just so happen to be pretty true to my life's current events. Check it out!

Favorite Beauty Product

Full review to come but just know that I had been wanting to try the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk for about a year and finally got my hands on it. It's perfect for brightening up your eyes on those tired days!

What are some of your most recent favorites?

Be sure to check back next week for many exciting things, including one of the biggest announcements to hit Life is a Sunset!!! :)


Michelle said...

I love that outfit of yours! Super cute.

Tyler said...

oh how I love in n out...

Katie said...

Your outfit looks identical to your blog theme and it! :) I can't wait for your announcement even though I know what it is (yes?) woohoo!!

Rachel said...

My mouth just watered seeing that In-in-out picture.
It's all I ever want and can't have without spending $500 on a plane ticket, which sometimes seems almost worth it, animal style.

I also love a good white eyeliner!
Happy Friday!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

That eye pencil is my FAVE! Gotta love NYX stuff!

And I just realized you are the gorgeous girl behind those necklaces! I HEART those!! I may have to get ASAP!! :)

Nikki said...

I really like your outfit! And that In and Out burger looks delicious. We don't have one here but I've always wanted to try it.

julia rose. said...

Look at your cute little fall self!! Love the outfit :) And I am now obsessing over yet (another) song. Thaaaanks ;) Have a great weekend!

Helene said...

love all your FF! especially the NYX and that quote. it's truth!

Carolyn said...

Happy Friday! :) Now I really want In-N-Out! YUMMY! That scarf is SO CUTE!

Holly said...

1. So glad you're OK from that hurricane bizznass this week!

2. That quote is perfect for you!

3. You look perfect in that outfit!

4. I will eat at In-n-Out in Cali with you one day soon I hope!!!

5. Just love ya, lady!! xoxo

Natalie Hames said...

That quote. 100% love and like you it's so hard for me to take that big leap and go for it! But I love it!

And that burger looks delish! And I dont eat red meat either!!

Found ya via Friday Faves!!


Kristen said...

so it's only 721am, and i'm def gonna get in and out for lunch! i would for breakfast, but i don't feel like leaving the house! LOL.

those fall colors look fabulous on you! esp w your hair coloring.

I haven't tried the nyx pencils, but i try and stay away from cream stuff for my eyes bc i rub them so much.

Amber said...

That In-n-Out looks delish. Now I'm craving it.

I want to try that eye brightener. Can't wait for your full review!

KRISTIN said...

I really wish we had In-N-Out Burger in MN, SO frickin' good and my favorite part of visiting my mom in AZ.

tara said...

i would basically do anything for in-n-out right now.

Raquel said...

I looove your fall outfit! So cute! And that NYX pencil is amazing! I've had mine for years and I can't get enough of it