Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How I Move Cross Country [Past/Present]

I'm documenting the move as it happens so that you can all learn from my mistakes and from my genius ideas. Let's talk today about how the heck your stuff gets to where you're going.

Cross Country Trip #1 to Salt Lake - I packed up some suitcases of clothes, took my printer, an air mattress, and some sheets and a blanket, packed it all neatly into my car and drove cross country. The rest of my belongings [15 boxes or so] were kindly shipped to me later by my dad. I bought couches, tables, lamps, and eventually a big ole king-size mattress within the next few months.

Cross Country Trip #2 back to Virginia - I donated a bunch of clothes and household items and packed everything else up into a Penske truck with my Honda Civic securely attached onto a trailer. This was horrible. And the truck was only half-full but you had to get that size in order to attach the trailer.

     These trucks obviously guzzle down fuel like there's no tomorrow.
     Cabs are no place for claustrophobic girls like myself to sit for days on end.
     I am sure you can imagine how fun it was to park a truck with a trailer attached to it.
     The brakes like to give out on steep grades in West Virginia.

Not to mention the price to rent the truck + the trailer + the insurance = never again.

Cross Country Trip #3 to San Diego and hopefully the last - One word: ABF. You've seen those trucks before and probably never considered what was inside. Well, if you see one of those bad boys driving on an interstate this week, my belongings could very well be inside.

ABF [] gives you however much space you need in a trailer. You can take up an entire 28 foot trailer or just 5 feet of it [like I am doing.] Either you can pack everything into it yourself or for another $300, you can hire movers to take care of that ish for you. Uh, hello... I cannot pick up my 200 lb dresser and safely secure that thing in a trailer. No, thanks.

Trust me. The extra cash is WORTH IT to hire a professional to handle your stuff and secure it properly when everything you care about is about to be transported 3,000 friggin' miles. Do it. Then, they drive off, fill up the remainder of the trailer and meet you in your destination. Talk about door-to-door service!

This option ended up being considerably less expensive than Penske/U-Haul AND even less expensive than renting one of those PODS. Bam! Get some bubble wrap, a tarp, and some moving blankets and you're ready to go!

And, yes, the above picture shows that all of my belongings only ended up taking up just over half of the 5 feet I reserved. [5 ft is the minimum!] Again, I sold my mattress, box spring, and couches so that helped save some space :)

So, there you have it! Tomorrow, the trailer will be picked up and off to San Diego it goes! All I have to do is drive my car out there and meet up with them next week! Easy as pie, my friends. The worst part [the packing!] is finally over and now I can enjoy the remainder of the adventure out to the West Coast!

Got a question about moving cross country? Leave it in a comment below or email me! I still have a few days before I leave to jot down a few of my tips and tricks.


SHAYNA said...

Nice work girlfriend!!! So excited for you!!!

Tyler said...

You go girl! Drive safely! :)

Courtney M said...

I"m impressed you have all your belongings down to less then 5 ft! haha. I've moved a few times and it's only 2 hrs away and I had WAY more stuff.

Good Luck with the move!!

Kym said...

WHAT! How did I not know about this ABF ridiculous-ness? We've spent so much money packing up freaking UHALS!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your experience with this and I'm keeping it noted for our next move!!

Kristin said...

drive safe girl!

Carolyn said...

That's so genius!!!

Justin Chan said...

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Kristen said...

you're so brave. i've never moved across the country! idk if i could do it!

Daliene said...

As someone who moved from Oklahoma to South Carolina then to Dallas, then Houston and finally San Antonio- I AGREE about hiring movers. It took me two cross-country moves and another in-state move to give in and pay the money. It was such a good investment. My back is thanking me still. :) Glad you made it safely! Found you from Burgahl blog!

allyson Alvarez said...

Beautiful post! I love your style.

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Camille Reicherter said...

Ahhh I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did!!! I just made the decision to drive across the country for the first time from Long Island, New York to Seattle, WA .....I'm nervous, scared, excited, and overwhelmed haha..... I'm just packing my clothes some of my stuff and hitting the road Feb 2 or 3rd....I'm moving to a friends house and crashing on their couch for a while... I am 26 and I am a single girl that chose to make a very needed change finally in my life and I love reading all your posts!!! Very inspirational and informational!! lol

james winney said...

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Neissah Rene said...

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