Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Off to an Old, Familiar Place

I've written three different drafts in one day. Four, if you count this one. Sometimes I just want to write because I feel like I have so much on my heart. But most of those drafts go unpublished because they never feel like enough. It's so hard for me to express myself lately.

I've just been this changing person.
In one year, my religion has changed, my marital status has changed, my family dynamics have changed, my social life has changed, and my friends have changed. I've teeter-tottered back and forth on a few of those things which I had the power to change. Part of me couldn't let go of what other people would say or think.

I am tired of feeling bad for the life I want to live. Whether that's who I was before or not.
Life changes. And it changes you. It sure changed me.
As I wrote last week, I'm learning to take the power back. I'm learning that it's okay to go after the things I want and to say "no" to the things I don't. 

I made the last minute decision this past Sunday night to go on a mini-vacation.
I need this time away from DC to just focus on the things
that matter to me at this point in my life.
I'll be leaving tomorrow to go back to the place where I spent every
Summer growing up and a lot of time while in college. 
I won't be blogging [although I'm sure I'll be tweeting and Instagramming - because let's be honest, I just love my bloggy friends too much!]

When things get crazy in life, when you have big decisions to make, and some life-changing plans to make - I think everyone could use a little time away. Clear the mind. Nurture the soul :) I'm hoping this change of pace and scenery will help clear some of the fog and will help rejuvenate me for what's to come.

There's something about going back to an old, familiar place - the familiar sounds, the smells, the way it all feels... Here are some hints about where I'll be:

In the mean time, sign up for Project Inspire here!
I'm also in need of some new songs for my playlist while my toes are in the sand and in the water :) So, leave the jams you're currently listening to in the comments below!

Seagulls and the sound of the waves crashing, here I come!


Katie said...

Have fun in Virginia Beach! :) you'll love it :) I do....since I live

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

Girlfriend!!!! I LIVE down here!!!! Maybe we can meet up for coffee?! Nonetheless hope you enjoy your down time! I feel the same way every time I visit NOVA! So many life changing events occured when I lived there and its very nostalgic when I go visit! xoxo!

Cassie said...

enjoy it lady!!
why why why is life so confusing. through all of this i just have to keep telling myself, this too shall pass.
ok ok and i may have the words 'just breathe' written around my bathroom mirror in lipstick.

chin up! life's too short.

Kristen said...

a lot can definitely change in a year's time. keep growing and living the life and becoming the person you want to be. enjoy your time off!

Hilary said...

Have fun in VA BEACH! We drove through there on the way to OBX last week... I just love Hampton Roads! XO

Ash said...

enjoy yourself girl...

lately, my cousin and i have been DYING over spice girls pandora...

zigga zig ah!

Anonymous said...

Have fun, enjoy.

Holly said...

I total mind break can be so refreshing! Enjoy your old familiar place. VA Beach?

Lauren said...

Ah, VB! Have fun, I'm slightly jealous. It's been too long since I've heard crashing waves.

Raquel said...

Sometimes taking a break to clear your mind and soul is exactly what we all need!

Have fun girly!

Shayna said...

I hope you have a good time & get just what you need out of this trip! Hugs to you friend! Miss ya!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Have fun in VA Beach. Eat lots of fudge! (My parents took me there when I was in middle school and one of my favorite parts of the trip was getting fudge every single day when I was there.

Sending you a hug. I have to say that you are one of the bravest, strongest women I know. It is difficult to make a change in your life. Enjoy your break. I'm here if you ever want to change.

p.s. I didn't realize your religion had changed. Now I feel like a doofus for commenting on your pictures of Temples on fb. :(

Britt said...

Change is good. Embrace it! I hope you get the clarity that you are looking for. Have a good trip!

Emily said...

Ahh the beach! I live here! Enjoy your time... the weather has been perfect and I hope it stays that way for your trip!!
Some days you just need to hear the ocean!! :)