Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Letters of Summer

Dear Pretty Little Liars -
You win. I started watching you on Netflix last week and I can't stop. My lunch breaks aren't long enough. I want to marry Mr. Fitz. [no spoilers, please!!!!]

Dear Weekend -
You cannot get here soon enough. You just cannot. And as soon as you get here, I plan on soaking up every second of you that I can. Starting with a little retail therapy :)

Dear Dreams - 
I'll figure you out soon. You've stayed with me for years now and I keep talking myself out of you but that doesn't make you go away. Nor should it. I promise I won't let others talk me out of you either. The time is almost here to work hard and make you come true!

Dear Bloggers - 
So many of you inspire me every day. You have been the biggest support for me through my toughest moments. Because of how loving and inspiring this blogging community is, Hollie [Hollie Takes Notes] and I have created Project Inspire - a snail mail swap of motivational cards/notes!

Check our blogs on Tuesday for all the fun details and to sign up! :)

Dear Jewelry Lovers -
Have you checked out the latest additions to my shop, After Sunset? That Cove Necklace below in Ballet Pink is now for sale :) Stop by the shop here and see what else we have! Today, I'm wearing the Ombre Necklace in Sunburst Orange [Again. I am always wearing orange these days it seems!]

Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters and you should too :)


Happy Friday to all!
Enjoy your last weekend of Summer!! Can you believe it?


Victoria Lynn said...

Love Pretty Liars, it's so addicting!

Nicholl Vincent said...

now i wanna watch pretty little liars!

Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)

Shayna said...

I love that idea of a blog swap! So fun!!! Can't wait to find out more!

julia rose. said...

Ugh, PLL is a huge obsession of mine! Lucy Hale/Aria is my favorite. Mainly because of her love interest on the show ;) and because I can so see her as Anastasia Steele!!

Heidi Hopewell said...

I am OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. UGH it's so addictive!

Kaitlin Hogan said...

You're going to love PLL!

Brooke said...

I've been watching PLL on Netflix too!!!!!!

Amber said...

PLL is so addicting. I wish I had Mr. Fitz as a teacher in high school ;)

Lia Joy said...

I love PLL!! It's so addicting!

Chelsea Coleen said...

We love all the same shows!

I started watching PLL (I like abbreviating it like everyone else because it just makes me feel cool) this year. so I still have no idea what they did or didn’t do… but WHO CARES, because its awesome. and also I have been debating if I should get Netflix. And now I just might need to. Also – move to ATL. I know. I come up with my most brilliant ideas at 3:59 on Fridays..

Katie said...

Someone blogged about the most recent season finale of PLL a couple weeks ago. Within a week I'd watched every single episode from the first two seasons, and a few from this last one. It is SO addicting!

katie michelle said...

I haven't watched a single episode of PLL, but I definitely plan on it, since I have only heard good things about it!!!
Project Inspire sounds like so much fun! I'm intrigued!

Raquel said...

Ahhh dont you LOVE pretty little liars?! Such a good show and it just keeps on getting better and better!

Have a great weekend girl!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I can't wait to sign up!!!

Julie said...

Love the idea with Project Inspire. So simple and can't wait to check it out.

I have never seen Pretty Little Liars - wish I could watch it!

Kristen said...

oooooooooh i love PLL! glad you're on board

Abbey said...

LOVE Pretty Little Liars! I watched it a month or so ago on Netflix too, but can't seem to find the most recent season anywhere! I know it just ended, but...I really want to stay on top of it! haha.

Hollie Ann said...


I havent seen season 3 yet but I could rewatch 1 & 2 at any moment.

I cant get enough of everything about it!!!!

Im sorry but Toby is sexy too not just Mr Fitz!