Friday, September 28, 2012

Faith in Our Four-legged Friends

You know how sometimes things keep happening in your life and you know you just need to write about them? That's what has been happening to me over the past 24 hours.

If you don't know already, I am a huge advocate for adopting and fostering homeless animals! You can read my fostering story about Kip and the one about 3 baby kittens. Fostering will forever be one of the most rewarding opportunities I've had. Right up there with adopting Stella :)

I can't wait until I am able to foster again and I especially can't wait to adopt my first dog! Yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about the day when I can open up my home to animals in need of forever homes. I decided to search online for dogs in the area that were in desperate need of homes. I came across a husky named Spook, who is currently living in a high-kill shelter. I have wanted a husky since before I can even remember and looking at pictures of that guy was yet another reminder of all the animals who are in danger.

Then, I read the story of another dog, a boxer named Brad. Brad was taken to the shelter by Animal Control after being found chained up in someone's back yard. He was found with an embedded collar which means the owner put a collar on him but never re-sized it as he grew out of being a puppy. The collar had to be surgically removed and they noticed a femur that had been broken some time ago and was never treated.

This morning, I got to work and my co-worker had brought in a dog looking for a home. Her name is Molly and she is a one-year-old St. Bernard/Collie mix whose owners kept her in a crate. She is much smaller than you would think (due to the St. Bernard mix) and super happy but due to being locked up all her life, she is still learning her commands.

My heart just breaks and I wish more than anything that I could adopt them all. These dogs are real. They have stories. They just want to be loved. Brad's foster mom said she'll sit on the floor and he'll snuggle up to her. She'll rub his tummy and sadly had a feeling that it was the first time Brad received affection. 

Although this post is titled "Our FOUR-legged friends," it's also about our two-legged friends. Today, I wanted to share a story about Faith. Faith, the dog. Faith was born with two severely deformed front legs. She was found underneath her mother after birth, as dog mothers tend to do this naturally when they know their pups aren't born healthy.

Faith was saved and trained extensively by her loving family who took her in. She learned how to walk upright on her hind legs! She is literally a walking miracle and proof that every dog should be given a second chance.

If you or anyone you know is in the DC area and might be interested in giving Spook, Brad, or Molly a forever home, please let me know and I can pass on the information!

My hope is that one day I can play a larger role in the rescuing of these homeless and disabled animals. Until then, I'll do what I can to encourage everyone to adopt, adopt, adopt! Or even foster, foster, foster. It is truly one of life's greatest blessings.


Haley W. said...

I could NOT agree with you more! I have such a soft spot for animals. Every time the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial comes on, I either have to change the channel or I lose it! We've always had dogs, but I like cats, too. And I'm the same way...can't wait until I have a house and funds of my own so that I can give all these sweet babies a place to call home! It's so sad how many people take pets for granted...breaks my heart.

Have a great weekend, lady! xo

Jen said...

I spend hours every day perusing local rescue sites online! I was supposed to foster for the first time a few weeks ago, but the dog ended up getting a home before I got the chance (which is good, of course!) and I'm hoping I'll get another chance to foster soon. Daisy changed my life and before she passed away this summer I promised her I'd do whatever I could to save dogs from now on.. and it's really my life dream. I love everything you wrote in this post.. and wish I could save them ALL too :)

Aimee L said...

I got teary-eyed reading this post, dang it!! I will never, ever be able to understand how and why people mistreat animals. It just befuddles me.

If it weren't socially unacceptable I'd totally be an animal hoarder and rescue all of these sweet babies.

Holly said...

All of my pets are rescues and I couldn't imagine not adopting! It really so wonderful knowing that we're able to provide a home to our pets who were otherwise unloved. It's amazing to be able to give these helpless creatures the love and attention they do desperately deserve!

P.S. Let's open our own animal rescue! :) I've always wanted to foster, but our house is small and we already have three fur babies :)

Teri Chilcoat said...

I agree with Aimee, I have no idea how people can treat animals the way they do.

I have always said that when I'm older and settled down, I want to have a dog farm. It'd be a place where they could all run around and have fun, while being taken care of and loved. It'd be the perfect doggy resort. Haha. Not sure any neighbors would enjoy it though.

tara said...

aaaand now i want to adopt a thousand puppies!

Raquel said...

Omg I want to adopt one of them sooo badly :( It's so hard to when living in an apartment though. And i'm never home! I hope they all find a home soon!

Kristin said...

I hope to adopt many in the future! I wish I could save them all

Hilary said...

OMG OMG just saw this! I want one!! I should talk to hubby. Love this post girl!

Donna said...

I love the story of Faith. That dog has inspired me since I first heard about her. We adopted two dogs from a shelter two years ago and it has been so worth it. I wish I could give so many more of them homes. Good for you for fostering and for the work you do to help these sweet special animals!

Anonymous said...

Seriously it breaks my heart everyday. I wish I could just take them all! My first dog (meaning me on my own not my parents) I got from a breeder. My second dog I rescued. She came spayed, microchipped and with 2 rounds of shots for $125. You can't beat that. And we got her at 9 weeks. People always think they have to adopt full grown dogs and they forget there are plenty of puppies that need homes too. Even pure bred ones. I love both my dogs very much, but I feel like my rescue dog is just grateful. It's hard to explain, but I've never met a happier dog in my life. She's so wonderful and I wish I could get 10 more just like her!