Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's Talk Hair

I'm realizing that I haven't talked hair much on here, except for this mention of Gretchen's beautiful "swoop" last year. I have what I like to call the "natural ombre" look :) I dyed my hair brunette back in April of last year and it has gradually turned into its own color. The brown has faded into a golden blonde at the ends and I kind of dig it. That's not to say I won't go back blonde one of these days :)

Anyway - color is one thing but texture is a completely other thing. My hair is FINE. It has a bit of a wave to it when I don't blow dry. Oh, but I always blow dry it - always. The wave has no rhyme or reason. It's loose enough to not be curly but wavy enough to not be straight. Luckily, I have a lot of hair so, although it is fine, it still gives me something to work with.

I could go on and on about my haircare routine and styling preferences but I just want to focus on one thing today - how I get that crazy little wave in my hair to go "buh-bye." Enter the HANA Pro 1" Flat Iron by Misikko. 

[I know. I can't stop staring at those beautiful light blue plates either.]

Misikko contacted me, asking me if I'd like to try out that bad boy above. I had read on blogs before about their products and having heard only good things, I couldn't wait to see what the HANA Flat Iron would do for my hair. Not only did they send me the flat iron, but they sent a bunch of other goodies too!

I'm pretty sure I had already ripped through and scooped up all the e.l.f. products they had included because I was just that excited.

Now, let me first show you what my hair looks like right after blow drying it [sans hair brush]

So, yes, you would be correct in saying that even blow drying my hair doesn't get rid of that weird wave I have going on. Don't worry, I do brush my hair. Here's what it looks like after running a comb through it.

Better, but still not up to par for date night, right? My hair still felt a bit more coarse than I prefer and it just didn't sit right. I like silky, I like smooth. I like to look at my hair and see a finished product. So, I let those beautiful blue HANA hot plates work their magic.

The thing I notice the most is how my hair feels. Not only does my hair move effortlessly between the plates, but it feels super soft when I touch it as well. I've also noticed the shine in my hair now! The HANA Flat Iron makes my hair so much more manageable and the best part - it's SO quick!

The flat iron heats up in no time, has adjustable heat settings, and like I said, the design is high quality. I've had so many flat irons that will pinch my hair, pull it out, or make that disgusting "tearing" sound. Some of you might know what that sounds like - not a pleasant sound when you realize that's your hair DYING. Well, I've been using the Hana Flat Iron for weeks and that hasn't happened once. Quality, I tell you.

And did I mention the beautiful blue plates? ;)

Head on over to Misikko and pick out something nice for yourself. Or just drool over the Croc Hair Straightener like I have been. I mean, it looks like a crocodile - pretty neat if you ask me! Make it in leopard print and I'm sold! :)


Claire Kiefer said...

I have a Hana flat iron and I loved it . . . until it stopped working! This inspires me to contact them and ask for a replacement, cause it really does work so well. Your hair looks beautiful!

Holly said...

I need this flat iron! I've been dying to get my hands, scratch that, hair on a 1" flat iron so I can make some waves in my super straight, fine hair. Cute hurr, girl!

Chelsea Coleen said...

oh i like! i have the hana hair dryer and love it! thank goodness for the inventor of straighteners :)

Shayna said...

I have seen so many great reviews of these flat irons! Your hair looks great Chelsea! I'm going to have to see if they have any curling irons that I might want to try! I curl my hair daily & would love to find one that isn't as damaging to my hair!

tara said...

i have their 1.5" flat iron and i loooveeee it!

meghan said...

I really want to try one of these out!

Robin said...

I keep seeing this around and I need to try it! My hair is naturally a little curly, but mostly poofy and awful. I'd do pretty much anything to make it look like yours in those last pictures! Thanks for the recommendation!

Aimee L said...

Oohh, very very nice - your hair is gorgeous!! I have crazy 80's hair band hair right after blow drying...wonder if it could tame my hair? Right now I have the Chi which works awesome, but it's pretty expensive and kinda on its last legs! Maybe I should give Hana a try :)

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