Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Working at the Beach

Two weeks ago, I was starting off my work day in Ocean City. There are few things [if any] I love more than waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. While I was at the beach for work and not for relaxation, I absolutely LOVE working events, which is what I was there for. 

While I won't get into the specifics of my company and what I do [email me if you want specifics] be prepared for a bunch of firetruck pictures during this recap of my week! Just be prepared for a pretty picture-heavy post in general.

We got there in just over three hours. Luckily, I had a driving buddy with me because the Bay Bridge is NOT a fun bridge to drive over. Those of you who have driven over it know what I'm talking about!

There were lots and lots of trucks and lots and lots of firemen.
The weather was so-so for the first 24 hours and the nights got a little chilly since there wasn't much humidity and we were right on the water. I made hundreds of slushies for people walking through the show and they were a hit! 

But, don't worry - it wasn't all work. What would a trip to the beach be without some fun and some crabs? You have to eat crabs at the beach and you better believe I did - every day. Sadly, no pictures of the food, which might be a good thing because I'm sure your mouths would be watering :)

The view from our hotel & the view from Seacrets at night! It's a fun little place where the floors are all sand and during the day, people can go out and hang out at the booths/tables/floats in the water!

And there is a glimpse into my wardrobe throughout the week. Work polo during the day and lightweight, airy fabrics at night - perfect for the beach!

Between an amazing brunch with the most delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice I've ever had, and a special tribute to all the firemen under a neon-lit ladder truck right on the boardwalk, followed by fireworks - the week ended well!

Well, then a surprise was thrown at me. Instead of driving back WITH my driving buddy, I would drive his truck back while he drove an ambulance. 

I was quite terrified to drive over the Bay Bridge by myself but with him in front of me as well as a firetruck another one of our colleagues was driving, our caravan back to Virginia stayed safe :)

It was an amazing trip. I had a wonderful time and grew to love my company even more. It was humbling to see so many firemen and women so passionate about what they do everyday. 

And to all my fellow Americans - Happy Independence Day tomorrow!


Ashley said...

what a fun work day!! and yes, the storm on friday was nuts!! that dessert?? yum, it looks delish!!! happy 4th girlie!

Lyzz said...

That first picture is wicked. I think I want your job!

Michelle said...

Love your pictures!

Alisha said...

What an awesome trip!! Your pictures are beautiful, especially that first one! And your outfits are so dang cute!

Hope you have a great day, Chelsea!!

The Sweet Life said...

Working at the beach sounds fabulous. And have I ever told you how adorable you are. Cute pics.

Carolyn said...

Looks like a great trip!! :) And now I'm super curious as to what you do! HAHA

KRISTIN said...

Looks like a great time, even if it was for work! :) And you are too cute, I just love your style even though I know I definitely couldn't pull it off.

Hilary said...

Geeze...your work looks FUN! I am very curious what you do! And I feel ya on Bay Bridge - I HATE it!

Alli said...

Lots of firetrucks... you weren't kidding!

My family's beach of choice is Bethany so we cross the Bay Bridge every year and it's actually my favorite part of the trip! It signals the halfway point and we're at the bay by then... It's the first time on the trip that we usually see seagulls and you can smell the salty air. Perfection!

haha, it looks like you had a WONDERFUL trip and I'm so glad you could get out and see the boardwalk... Plus you need to take me shopping. Love your style!

Lindsay said...

What a fun work trip!! I will never understand how firefighters can climb up that ladder like it's no big deal. Just looking at it makes my stomach turn... I'm such a baby!

Was this just a show? What exactly do you do? I'm just being nosy :)

meghan said...

This looks like a fun work week. I love your Aztec skirt and how you styled it.