Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social | Travel

I sure love to travel and I sure love to talk about traveling.
Lucky for me, we're talking all things travel today for Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley.

Sunday Social

1. Best trip you've ever been on

Hands down: Europe 2001
I traveled to Europe that Summer with a Student Ambassador program and had THE time of my life. Going abroad for the first time with a bunch of other teenagers? It just doesn't get any better than that.
We visited France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

While Venice was my favorite city...

Austria was my favorite country...

I had the opportunity to do SO many things I never thought I'd be able to do:
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Visit the Lourve and Versailles
Take a tour of the Colosseum and 
Go white water rafting in the Swiss Alps
Go underground into the Salzburg salt mines
Be taken on a gondola ride
See the Mona Lisa, Statue of David, Sistine Chapel, etc.
and so much more!

It was truly the trip of a lifetime and opened up my eyes to this beautiful world!!

2. Best idea for a girls' weekend trip

Only a weekend? Sigh. If we only had a weekend...

New Orleans


New Orleans has always been one of those cities on my "To Visit" list. It's located pretty central in the U.S. so if any blogger friends want to meet me there, it'd be pretty convenient to all of us [ahem, let's go!]
I feel like for the first trip to New Orleans, a weekend should be the perfect amount of time to really soak up the Cajun culture and make me fall in love with the unique town. It's also SUCH a great spot for the girls to get away and have a little fun :)

3. Best idea for a couples trip

Disney World!!!


I've been there with family, I've been there with friends, now I want to go with couples.

The thought of riding The Tower of Terror, seeing which couple can get the dizziest in the Teacups, and taking pictures with all our favorite Disney characters - c'mon, it'd be the best trip!

So, once I find Prince Charming, who's coming with us? :)

4. Best vacation on the cheap


I've been on two cruises and they were both while I was a "broke college student."
As if the all-inclusive all-you-can-eat perk isn't enough, you also get other awesome amenities such as fun shows to attend every night, lots of great sunbathing, dance clubs, gambling if you're into that sort of thing, spas, and sometimes cool things like surfing and rock climbing. All while visiting a bunch of fun countries/islands.
You can find great deals on cruises which, to me, makes it one of the most affordable options.

5. Place I most want to travel to

This is tough, but...


Australia has been at the top of my list since I can remember because I have family there!
To me, it's the perfect destination.
You have the beaches, the city, and an awesome culture! [And in my case, family, too!]

Now, on to what I'd be packing in my bag:

Travel Essentials

1. DSLR camera to snap those new memories
2. A medium-size cross-body bag to hold all your stuff while also keeping your arms free
3. Your sunnies
4. Call me crazy but I love wearing comfy sandals when doing a lot of vacation walking
5. I LOVE this Vera Bradley travel wallet which even holds your boarding pass!

Been to any of these places? What are your answers?


Veronica and Daniel said...

I totally agree with you that a cruise is a great cheap vacation :) We LOVE them and i cant wait for our next one...we have been wanting to do an Alaskan cruise - not as much sun bathing but lots of great sights to see!

Nicholl Vincent said...

I wanna go to Europe!!

come say hello at

have a wonderful day!

preppylove said...

I did the student ambassador programs in high school too! We did Australia the first time, and France, Greece, Italy and England the second time! SO much fun!!

Besides those, I've had wonderful trips to Japan and Russia! Cairo is next on my list to travel to!


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

For some reason, I never think about New Orleans, but you are SO RIGHT! it would be the perfect place for a girls weekend! Adding this to my list :)

Happy Sunday!

Sunni Dae said...

I'm going to have to talk to you more about Europe! My hubby and I are planning our 5 year wedding anniversary to Europe before we start poppin out babies! Lol!

Btw, I went to Australia with a student ambassador program! Did you happen to go with People to People? It was the most awesome experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. Oh and if and when you get to make it out there make sure you climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge at Sunrise its absolutely breath taking :)

Its A Sunni Dae

Kristen said...

cruises are totally the way to go on a budget, i've been on several in college and they're so fun

Lauren said...

Love cruises! Love all your pictures! I linked up too!


Amanda C. said...

Wow your Europe trip sounds awesome. You are so lucky to have gotten such a great opportunity.

New Orleans was my girls weekend choice too. It's only 5 hour from where I live.

Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Great list! Makes me want to buy a ticket tonight! I have been to Europe, but never to Austria. I'm intrigued. We are going to try to go to New Orleans this summer on our road trip.

Holly said...

We could be BFFs! Are you my BFF?! Let's girls' trip to New Orleans! I've always wanted to go there!

Australia is on my bucket list! I think it's gorgeous!

Shawn and I will totally Disney it up with you and your man when you meet him! We talk about going there :) And I am dying to go on a cruise!

See BFFs it is! xoxo