Friday, May 18, 2012

A Tired Title

I've got nothing for you. Nada. My brain is mush and thoughts are not coming easily.

I truthfully don't like this feeling at the end of the week. Looking back, Monday and Tuesday were rough for me. Like, rough. I don't know if it was the after-effects of Mother's Day without a mother for the first time ever or what but I just couldn't reach inward and pull out the sunshine. And I hate that.

This was also the third week into my new position at work and I've been crazy busy there as this is our "busy" season with events. Please don't even make me mention how my commute time has still managed to worsen. 

Then, there's the whole lack of sleep issue. [I brought most of this on myself, I admit. 50 Shades of Tired.] My body and mind are both shot. I've had that kind of headache all week that is just there. Dull, constant, and just lingers in the front of your head. It's there when you wake up and it's there when you go to bed.

Except... you can only fall asleep when you don't want to. You know the times - when you're trying to drive to/from work or when you get home and have a million things to do [including reading the next umpteen chapters of 5o Shades of Grey] but the second you sit down on the couch, you're out! Out cold. So when you go up, get all ready for bed, and climb in... it's then that you can't fall asleep. Talk about annoying...

So, that's where I am on this Friday. Mentally, physically, heck even emotionally zapped. I'm surprised I've even made it this far without saying something that makes absolutely no sense.

Zucchini gobblestop.

And there you have it. I think it's time for me to cut myself off. Happy weekend, all!


Katie said...

what is that??? and is it yours?? is it in your bed?? PLease explain!!

Shayna said...

If it helps at all, I woke up in a terrible mood this morning! Luckily, somehow it's turned around but, it makes for a not so fun Friday! I hope your day gets better & you can get some rest this weekend!

Sheri said...

Hi Chelsea! That's so weird, I had one of those dull headaches this week too and same as you, I'd fall asleep on the couch, get up and be wide awake (yet exhausted) once I got into bed. It's annoying isn't it?!
I hope you can catch up on some rest this weekend and feel waaaay better!


Jax said...

Loving the phrase 50 Shades of Tired... ;)

Sorry last week was kinda blah for you, friend. I understand. Fathers Day is always kinda eh for me. I'm glad to remember my dad, but it's just awkward because Eric's family goes out and they don't know whether to invite me or not and yada yada... Ah, just a weird mood killer...