Friday, May 4, 2012

Aviator Girl

Earlier this week, I had some confessions. Things like how I'm still obsessed with boy bands. Well, I have another confession. I have a horrible habit of subscribing to all those "daily deal emails" and never, ever actually reading the emails and never, ever unsubscribing from them.

Luckily, someone brought one of yesterday's Groupon deals to my attention. Let me just say right now that Groupon is my absolute favorite of the "daily deal emails." I have bought and loved several deals from them. I'm currently getting emails right now for three different cities [DC, Salt Lake, and Las Vegas and I must say - the DC deals are the worst in comparison.]

Anyway, yesterday's deal was a pair of stellar retro aviators. I don't think I've ever truly mentioned my love on here for aviators. They complement my face, what can I say? Check it.

[Pictures: Full House and the stairs in The Exorcist, respectively. Because everyone needs to have a picture of themselves in those two places.]

Here are the bad boys that will soon be finding their way to me:

In case you didn't know, these BluBlocker shades are a big deal. 
1. They were designed for NASA astronauts
2. They block out your eyes. Perfect for poker.
3. You can hit them with a hammer and they won't shatter.

BAM! I'll let you know how legit they are so you can be jealous you didn't jump on the steal too! :)

P.S. I think I'm going to go back to blonde. Have a great weekend and a Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Miss K said...

those are so cute!!!! can't wait to see them on you!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, they definitely compliment your face. Lucky gal. I truly can not pull them off, ha.

Lauren said...

They're the only type of sunglasses I feel really fit my face shape - I'm a total aviator addict!

Tough call on the blonde vs. brunette b/c you look awesome as both. I feel like the blonde fits your sunny disposition and California girl mentality. Or maybe it's just because when I first met you, you were a blonde? So it just... feels meant to be. Plus it's summer (or almost), so no better time to go lighter :)

The Management said...

I'm reealllly jealous of your deal.

also, exorcist AHHHHH.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love those shades, I think I need to add a few more cities to my groupon. Awesome.

Happy weekeend.


Marci @ a smile a day said...

By the end of the day if I don't check my email I'll have over 70 emails that are all junk or shopping coupons. For some reason I freak out deleting them thinking I might need lol horrible habit!!!

Tara said...

I lived at Georgetown this past summer, and I walked down the "Exorcist Stairs" several times! It was crazy knowing that movie was filmed on that campus and being able to walk down those infamous stairs! How cool! :D