Thursday, May 3, 2012

Journey Forward {12}

Thank you all SO much for all the love yesterday! It was so awesome to share my new adventure with you :) I have restocked the lime green bracelet and added a new color as well so take a peak over at After Sunset if you would like!

Yesterday was an amazing day for me. I just felt happy and blessed and purposeful. While I strive to feel that way each day, I'm grateful for the days when the feelings are so strong and real! Today for Journey Forward, I'm sharing with you some more pins. These pins take me to my happy place. They make me feel alive and full of joy!

Sigh. I can definitely see some trends going on. Pictures sure have been inspiring me lately and taking me away to my "happy place" where I can feel lifted and motivated! I just love it! What types of pictures take you to your happy place?


Announcement about Journey Forward: I have decided to reduce the amount of Journey Forward posts to once a month. On the first Thursday of every month you can come link up your posts here! On June 7th, we will be writing about an accomplishment of ours. Pat yourself on the back for something you've done lately that you're proud of; something that has brought you closer to your goal and your word and write all about it!

As always, any questions, comments, or just to chat about your journey - email me, tweet me :)


the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE the blue bracelet! I'm SO glad you had a good day deserve it!

Alli said...

Lovely. Glad you had a good time, it's nice to focus on the positive things going on in life and sometimes it takes an easy, wonderful day to make that just a little easier after going through a rough time. Thanks for a little pick-me-up this morning!

The Management said...

I'm in love with the second-last picture.

Victoria said...

Love the carnival-ly ones!!! Makes me miss being young and care free :)

Love your link up, as always Chels!


dana @ wonder forest said...

i love your pins! and i miss seeing your pretty face around my neck of the woods!


Katie Price said...

Is it okay say that I'm glad you are reducing Journey Forward to once a month? Once a week was great in the beginning to really emphasize & get on track, but it hasn't been sustainable for me the last few weeks. So, thank you! I will definitely mark my calendar for the next one. I have loved participating & am so glad to see it continue in this way :)

Raquel said...

I love all your pictures!!