Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom


I’m still not sure how to celebrate this day without you here.
I can’t believe you’re gone.
My mind fills with all the years and years of memories we have together as mother and daughter.
Those can never be taken from me.

I think about who I’m supposed to go to now when I need an answer that only you would know.
What do I do when I need the advice that only a mother can offer?
You taught me so much.
You shaped me into the woman that I am today.

You were there every step of the way.

Mom's Tribute (2)

I wish I could have had one more Mother’s Day with you.
To give you the biggest hug and look you in the eyes to tell you how much you mean to me.
How I don’t know what I’d do without you.
How grateful I am for being brought into this world by such a strong woman.
How blessed I feel to be your daughter.

Mom's Tribute (29)

Today, as I visit your grave, I hope to feel you with me somehow.
To feel that “Mom hug” that I’ve missed.
I pray that you are peaceful and happy and get to spend this day with your beautiful Mother who had been missing you for far too long.

You mean the world to me, Mom and nothing will ever be able to change that.
Thank you for all that you’ve done and sacrificed for us.
We miss you so much.
I love you, Mommy Mom.

“The loss of the daughter to the mother, the mother to the daughter is the essential female tragedy.”
- Adrienne Rich

Happy Mother’s Day!


Elizabeth said...

I hope you feel that mom hug as well!!

Lauren said...

Praying for you today Chelsea! I know your mom is looking down on you! <3 Such a beautiful post!


Katrin said...

I know how you feel. I wish I could spend Mother's Day with my Mom too. But I know that our Moms are always there for us and they still give us advice when we need them.

Carolyn said...

This is a beautiful post!