Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Thru Thick and Thin

Family truly means the world to me. The older I've gotten, the closer I've gotten to my family. My little niece, Aubrey, was born while I was still living in Utah so I was unable to be there for many of the first big moments of her life. Now that I'm back on the East Coast, spending time with her is very important to me. She's still not even two years old yet but it's been so awesome to watch her as she grows, learned to walk, and is now learning to talk and say everyone's names. 

This weekend, Aubrey's school had a Spring Fling where the kids and families could visit and participate in some fun activities outside. We had a blast. Even in the car. Aubrey and I goofed off and she just loved being like her Auntie once she figured out how to wear my hair tie on her arm too :)

Holding hands. That's love. You know those moments where a child doesn't want you to let them go or a dog just has to be next to you at all times? Where you feel needed and loved? Those are the moments that matter. Those are the moments that constantly remind me how important family [and our pets] really are.

Yesterday was my mom and dad's 34th wedding anniversary. I can only imagine the pain my dad felt to go through that day with my mom no longer here on this Earth. We were able to spend some time at her grave which I'm sure meant a lot to him to wish her a Happy Anniversary :) Here's a picture soon after her funeral:

We all miss her terribly. I know I've stopped writing about her death on here as much but, believe me, the thoughts of her and the grief still continue every day.

Now here is where I may lose some of you but I believe that people who have left this world can still contact us. I believe in mediums. I believe in the spirit world. [Watch Long Island Medium if you haven't already. She helps explain things, not to mention, she is hilarious!] Anyway, like I said, I believe that our loved ones can find ways to touch us and to let us know that they're still around, even if it's not in the physical form.

Without going into detail, I have started to notice some things that I believe could very well be my mom. I know she's still here, I know she is very well in tune with what is going on in my life, and I know she is guiding me. Maybe the things that have happened are just little ways for her to say "hi" and to let us know she is okay.

So, now I'm curious - have any of you had experiences with people after they've passed?


Lindsay said...

It's weird that you should mention mediums today - I just watched that Long Island Medium show last night and have a post written about it for later this week!!

I'm not 100% sold on mediums, but I think people do find ways to let us know they're still there after they pass... I don't think I've ever experienced anything, but I know my boyfriend and his family went to his grandmother's grave once and both he and his brother felt the ground move at the same time. It completely freaked him out!

Katie said...

I've watched that show too after a friend recommended it. I do believe people find ways to let us know they're still around after they pass :) I've had some crazy things happen that I know was my Mom! I'm interested to hear yours!


Shayna said...

So crazy that you wrote about this today! I've been watching Long Island Medium on & off & I love her - she's hilarious! My aunt & I are going to try and find a medium this Summer, hoping that our loved ones will come through!

There have definitely been things that happen that I've thought, "Yep! That was Mom!" I get a kick out of the fact that even though they aren't "here" anymore, they still find ways to let us know they are. Guess a mother's job really is never done!

Anonymous said...

I definitely believe that my father drops little "hi's" every now and then, :)

KRISTIN said...

What a sweet post. I totally believe that people stay with us after they have passed. I don't have personal experiences, but one of my best friends has some crazy stories about her dad who passed away when we were in high school.

Dreamer921 said...

I totally think loved one can and do contact us. My great grandma passed away on St. Patrciks Day 2011-She had a little jewlery box with 4 leaf clovers in it she took them to BINGO with her for luck...she always have 4 leaf clovers Ironic that she passed on St Patty's Day... Well shortly after she passed away I was in our backyard with my parents we were talking and looking at the lawn- there were tons of clovers in our yard (3 leaf kind) and I said "we could look in the yard all day and never find 4 leaves" moments later I found not only 1 but 2 HUGE four-leaf clovers... my mom and I now each have our own. I believe Great Grandma was with me that day!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

I'd be interested in hearing more about that one day, Chelsea. I'm so confused about exactly what I believe... lol.

I hear all the "firsts" are the hardest... your poor dad. I think my mom and Edd have their wedding anniversary in July, and I know that's going to be excruciating for her. Makes me tear up just thinking about.

Hope you are well, my dear. :)

The Management said...

I agree- I think that my loved ones out there still find ways to "speak" to me.

Jenna Simpson said...

Such a sweet post - your mom is definitely still with you :)

Alex said...

You know, I don't know that I believe in it, but I respect that you do. Perhaps it's because I've yet to have any experience like that? The only person I've lost is a friend when we were 18. But it's one of those things that I don't know if I can believe in until I've experienced it. But your mom definitely loves you :)

Robin said...

I haven't had any experiences like this, but I find it very comforting that you do. Death is so devastating and final, I find comfort in knowing there's a way to still be with someone, even if not physically. Also, your niece is precious!

Kristin said...

I wish I could meet a medium and hear about my mom. That picture of your dad breaks my heart :(