Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday | Fancy Flower Girls

Before I get started with Wedding Wednesday today, I just had a little thought in my heart that I wanted to write about. You know those moments in life when things happen – they just happen? Certain events unfold effortlessly and just work together. One door closes and another door opens. That’s how I felt last night. Like that was God’s way of shaking His head, “yes,” telling me I’m on the right path. It’s a great feeling - an extra boost of confidence – another push to keep working hard and growing. It’s just the start to the rest of my life but I’m glad to see these doors start opening.


Moving on to Wedding Wednesday – I spend more time researching and obsessing over the latest wedding/event trends than I do over the latest fashion trends. True story. However, when I’m able to find the latest wedding fashion trends, it’s pretty darn exciting. I’ll never be able to stop looking at wedding gowns. Bridesmaids dresses are fun, too. However, today it’s all about the little ones…

Flower Girl Dresses

I’ve found several Etsy shops that have some of the most beautiful and unique dresses for flower girls of all ages!

Satin Flower Girl  Dress-Tutu and Top Outfit in Peach and Cream-----Top and Tutu-----Perfect for Weddings or Portraits-----Afternoon Tea
{via Bella Bean Couture}

Flower Girl Dress
via Olivia Kate Couture}

Dove Grey Vera Flapper Flower Girl Dress- With Hand Fed Tinsle Sash Example
via Dolores Petunia}

Flower girl Dress( customized to your colors) Sophie
via Fille de Fleur Couture}

Silk and tulle ballerina style flower girl dress
via Beate Couture}

Girls Flower Girl Dress In Lovely Confections Of Honeysuckle Pinks And Blues, infant - Girls 8
via Vintage Precious Design}

Custom Made to Order High HALTER Corset top and tutu bottom skirt sizes infants toddler girls
via Chic Lil Lovebugs}

Posh Bella Laced Apron Dress
via Melissa Jane Boutique}

Precious Flower Girl tutu dress.  You choose the color.
via We Are TuTu Cute}

Like I said, there are SO many non-traditional, unique dresses out there for flower girls! You can mix and match colors, go with plain white, or just throw a small splash of color in! If you can’t tell, I’m quite the tulle tutu fan {growing up as a dancer will do that to ya!} so, if you’re crafty enough, you may even be able to make one of these on your own!

Most of the shops above take custom orders so the possibilities are endless! Fun fabrics, patterns, solids, flowers, ribbons – it’s up to you!

If you choose to have one, flower girls are an important part of your wedding. They’re excited to be getting dressed up to be in YOUR wedding and take pictures next to the pretty bride :) Don’t be afraid to get your flower girl some cute accessories to tie in your wedding colors. Chances are, she’ll wear them later when playing “dress up” too!

What kind of dress did your flower girl wear? If you haven’t had a wedding yet, do you think you’ll have a flower girl? Would you rather her wear an all-white dress or something with your wedding colors? :)


Rachel said...

Those are so sweet! I absolutely love them! I won't be having flower girls, instead i'm having two little boys ring bells (since I'm not close with anyone with little girls! Everyone seems to have BOYS!)

Carolyn said...

They're SO CUTE!!! I originally wanted tulle dresses for my girls, but I decided to let the moms just buy cute pink dresses after Easter (save them some money). ADORABLE though! :)

Jamie said...

Oh my. Those are all adorable. My flower girls wore white dresses. Their mom picked them. I like colored dresses though.

Lauren said...

We didn't have any flower girls... it was before anyone we knew had kids. The last baby in either of our families was basically my sister or my husband haha. But, I love the idea of flower girls if you can get your hands on some!!

Rebecca said...

I love the little gloves they wear. My mom made us wear those for years and years every Easter!

whitney said...

umm not only are these dressed adorable but check out those little ones.

you think we could steal one? i bet the parents would pay big money in ransom...kidding...

but seriously. we need to get rich somehow.

Anonymous said...

Omg I love them all. So pretty I'm loving the non traditional flower girl dresses

Sweet N Sassy Girls

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I love the one with the lace skirt. Who am I kidding, I love them all! I can't wait until the wedding gets closer and I get my niece's flower girl dress!

Blake said...

Love these! I haven't had a wedding yet, but I think I'll have my flower girl in a tutu in whatever color I end up going with. I LOVED tutus as a little girl, and think they're so precious!

Anonymous said...

such adorable dresses!

Raquel said...

These are all too cute!! I love the Tutu style too :)

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, I'm dying over the sweetness of these little angels!!! Tutus are the most adorable flower-girl style :) I can't pick one I love the most... who knows what'll happen when I have to plan my own wedding. Yeesh. I love it all!

Joelle said...

I *love* flower girl dresses! I didn't have flower girls {only jr. bridesmaids}, but I wish I did. I would have chosen some beautiful dresses, like these :)


Jenna E said...

Soo beautiful!!! I just adore the first one!!