Monday, November 7, 2011

A Blate Kind of Weekend

This weekend was an awesome one and I’m sure you want to know why. Well, ever since Whitney {a fellow DC area blogger} and I found each other’s blogs, we’d been chatting and trying to figure out a time that we could meet up {aka go on a blate}. If you’re not familiar with the blogging community, this whole “blate” thing probably sounds ridiculous and slightly crazy. But, c’mon… if you’ve been reading someone’s blog and chatting on a fairly regular basis, it’s pretty much the coolest idea ever.

So, on Friday we decided to meet for a late dinner at this fun place called Circa. After hearing that the wait would be an hour to an hour and a half, we decided to go elsewhere – American Tap Room to be exact. The wait was identical there. Go figure! We put our name on the list anyway and Whitney was sure to tell the host, “Just put ‘starving’ next to our name!” I already knew the girl was a genius.

We hung out on the back porch where there was a huge fire pit and chatted away until, BAM… our pager went off and our table was ready. Twenty minutes later. Clearly the host moved our names up on the list per Whitney’s request. It was going to be a good night!

Now, get this. The menus LIT UP! Has anyone seen this before? Because we surely hadn’t.


While Whitney munched on her Surf & Turf and I munched on my Margherita Pizza, we gabbed about everything – our career paths, blogging {duh}, the fact that I’ve never been snowboarding before, and everything in between. Instant connection, no joke. So, we took the party across the street where a live band was playing. We made some new friends, I ran into someone from high school {because that always happens in this area}, and we tried our best to get a decent picture of the two of us.

Oh, and we also declared that we’re pretty much best friends.


I wish I had gotten more pictures but we were just having too much fun and also completely lost track of the time because, um, I kind of forgot that the Metro system here stops running at a certain time. Oops. The night is full of inside jokes that I’m sure Whitney and I are going to laugh about for a long time!

Oh, BUT WAIT! The stories don’t end there because we hung out Saturday night, too! We met up with some of Whit’s friends in DC where we had another riot of a night. {Should I even mention the LSU/Alabama game?} Whitney had a little Florida Gators fan club going on and I had a guy incessantly tapping me on the shoulder to the point where I almost lost it. Seriously?

The Metro ride back into VA was probably the cherry on top of the night, though. So, it’s apparently Movember, right? Which I guess means you either grow your mustache out {if you’re a guy} orrrrrr… go out wearing fake mustaches? We ran into a group of people that were wearing some. It was actually kind of creepy. The best part was overhearing the conversation that was taking place between them. It went a little something like this:

Mustache #1: We’re like the Mustachios
Mustache #2: Mustache-hoes
Mustache #3: Or the… Three Mustache-eers

Yes, that really happened. Great end to the night, ha.

Moral of the story: If you have the chance to go on a blate, DO IT! They might just end up being your BFF :) Whitney is hilarious and gorgeous and if you’re not already following her blog, you probably should go do so here! Can’t wait until next time!


Ashley said...

I love this! Sounds like so much fun! Still dying to go on a blate since they all sound amazing. Jealous! Glad you girls had fun :) Now I've got to go check out Whitney's blog! Love finding other east coast bloggers.

Camylla Leonardi said...

HOW FUN!! Going on a blate must be a blast!! UnfortunatelY I have not met any bloggie friends who lives near me :( but when I do I'll be sure to go on a blate!!

Happy Monday,

Lindsey said...

Totally concur, blates are the best! Beth is my BFF and we met via blogging! So happy y'all hit it off. And I keep hearing about the Movember and I don't get it. WEIRD!

oh and Margherita pizza is my favorite ever. YUM.

Ashley said...

I've missed your blog!! :) Cute new set up :) looks like a fun time!!

Lauren said...

So so fun!! I need hubs to do some babysitting so I can blate it up haha :)

Hollie Ann said...

I love your hair color Chels!!!

whitney said...

This is the best recap ever. And oh the inside jokes that will not be shared on this interweb.

Thanks for becoming my BFF. Seriously.

Jax said...

I love the blate! ha! So cute! I wish there were more bloggers around Tulsa to hang with. There are quite a few and I love them all, but most have babies and different things going on in their lives.. I have definitely had a lunch blate with a blogger, though and it was a blast!!

ashley said...

how fun! you look gorgeous in that picture!! happy monday!

Kate said...

This is hilarious! I'm here from Whitney's blog, glad you guys had fun on your blate!

Alexandria said...

You always have the best blates!!

Ashley said...

It sounds like yall had a blast! Meeting up with a blog friend this week. Love the way it connects new friends :)

Raquel said...

Lol love it!! Sounds like you all had an amazing time! You guys...we need to all do something together!

Kristy said...

How fun!!! I totally want to go on a blate!!!!!!!!!

Becky said...

Awwww how fun!!!

Alex Butts said...

What! I want a Germany "blate" - this is so cool!

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I want somebody to blate!! Sounds like you're on to a real winner there - new friends and light up menus?! WHAT A WEEKEND!!