Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bump in the Night

I can’t be the only one who has been watching TLC’s Long Island Medium recently. The season finale was this past Sunday and I already can’t wait for the next season to start. {Waiting for new seasons is so painful! I can’t even believe how far away the next season of The Bachelor STILL seems!} Anyway, back to the Medium. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about this lady, Theresa Caputo:


She’s a medium, not a psychic. So, while she can’t read your palms and tell you the future, she can talk to people who have crossed over. I know there are tons of skeptics in this world, and many even on the show, but I’ll tell you right now, I’m not one of them. Do I believe everyone who might say they’re a medium? Absolutely not. But, I definitely believe that it’s possible and that a very small percentage of people here have that gift to communicate with our loved ones on the other side.

Theresa’s got the long finger nails, the thick Long Island accent, and she’s definitely not afraid to walk up to a stranger in public and “read” them. She’ll pass along sweet messages that often times help people heal and let go of their departed loved ones. She says she could be anywhere and the spirits will get so loud that she can’t even concentrate! Can you imagine?

My brother and I have always been pretty intrigued by all those paranormal shows, you know, like Ghost Hunters. So, it’s not uncommon that when he and I get together, we mention one of those shows or something we saw. I admit, when I started living alone out in Utah, I couldn’t watch those shows anymore, otherwise, I never would have been able to sleep. Even with the lights on. Believe me. I tried.

However, this past weekend I mentioned to my brother how the Long Island Medium makes those spirits so much more personable and not scary at all. Somehow we got from that nice, pleasant topic to him telling me the story of the shadows they have seen in his apartment and me recalling how I had felt someone tap my back earlier that night… when NO ONE was behind me, only a staircase.

Now, when conversations like this take place or, say, I went and saw one of those Paranormal Activity movies {which I will never, EVER watch} this is what happens to me:
Rewind to this past weekend
I sit there in bed with the lights off and with my eyes shut {duh, because why would I want to SEE what lurks in the night?}
My mind can’t help but to replay the scary topics of conversation, mainly the mention of those supposed shadows.
My heart starts racing.
I suddenly hear the sound of a cartoon dog barking from the other room {it was my niece’s toy}
But, at the time, this was my reaction:

Pinned Image

I will never understand why that dang toy starts going off in the middle of the night. This wasn’t the first time…

That said, the Long Island Medium is about as much “spirit” as this scaredy-cat can handle! Does anyone else watch it? What are your thoughts on mediums, or are you perhaps one yourself? ;)

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Elizabeth said...

I wanted to watch this show and never did. Some of the commercials even gave me chills!

Lauren said...

I caught a glimpse of this show the other day and wanted to watch more but hubs had already switched the channel and had no idea what it was... So, now I know :)

Ashlyn said...

i have NEVER heard of this show! but i will have to check it out bc i def LOVE TLC.

it is on my DVR list now! ;]

Katie said...

hahaha that dog pic is hysterical! Billy freaks out like that too in the middle of the night. then freaks me out. The paranormal movies give me the goosebumps...give me a comedy and I'm good to go haha

Ashley said...

I've never watched this show, either! I might have to check it out, even though I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to anything paranormal. The farthest I'll usually go is watching the psychic's on RH of Beverly Hills :) Haha!

Raquel said...

Omg i've never even heard of this show! I must watch it! Sounds like something I would like. And omg I watched the first paranormal activity movie, and i will never ever ever watch it again OR the other ones either!! I couldn't sleep for a whole week. Every time I shut the lights and closed my eyes in bed i could just picture things happening, so i quickly opened my eyes and turned the light on...yes i'm a scaredy cat. MAJOR scaredy cat!

Megan said...

I just recently started watching this show and I love it! I can't wait till the new season starts!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that show! I watched one episode and between her long island accent and the interesting stories I was HOOKED. Her whole family cracks me up and she really makes it all seem not so scary (which is huge coming from me cause I can't watch a movie preview without having nightmares!)

Katie said...

I totally believe in ghosts, mediums and such. As you said, I believe that very few of all the people who claim to be psychic/mediums actually are, but I do believe there are some genuine ones out there. I tend to think Theresa is one, but I would love to meet her in person to get a better idea. There isn't much you can't do on TV these days, right? This is probably the only "paranormal" show that doesn't give me the heebie jeebies because you don't feel like spirit is "lurking" like in some other shows. Just watching over us and loving us.