Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Thanksgiving Day here was really quite relaxing. I didn’t lose power like I did last year so things were definitely off to a better start.


I watched bits and pieces of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade {one of my only traditions} and then watched the National Dog Show! In the midst of that, I prepared deviled eggs and impatiently awaited the time to dig in to all the deliciously-smelling food. Let’s be honest – I was starving! So, in order to take my mind off how badly I wanted some stuffing, I spent some time hanging out with my cats!

Missy {black/white} is 16 years old and has been my little angel since I was just a little girl. She stays at my parents’ house so, when Stella and I moved back from Utah, the two had some real adjusting to do. I had to capture this moment below because Missy and Stella NEVER get close to one another!


They are both so different from the other yet so sweet and loving.

Then, of course, I took a little family portrait of me and Stella :)


Finally {at like 4:30!} it was time to eat! Thanksgiving was small this year; just me, my mom and dad {and Missy and Stella} as both of my brothers had other family plans this year. I’m excited for all of us to be together for Christmas, though! Anyway, back to food.



I was good this year and only made myself one plate. I knew I had to save room for my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

So, while I waited ever so patiently again, I watched some Godfather and a whole lot of football with my dad. Then, it was finally time for…


Or, perhaps it’s Cool Whip with a side of pumpkin pie? Meh.
I thoroughly devoured it in 2 minutes.

However, I did later burn some of those calories later by playing Rock Band and killing it on the drums. I even played the Expert level on two songs. I’m moving on up and, yes, I am a nerd.

Other weekend plans consisted of a random day trip to Richmond where I went to the art museum. Only in Virginia would they have a tobacco exhibit. It was actually quite fascinating. Oh yeah, and I also became quite intrigued by the whole mummifying process. Who knew?

A tiger skin made out of 500,000 cigarettes. Insane, right?

I also went to a music festival in DC with Moby as the main headliner. I can’t even tell you how much I love live music. There’s something so awesome about bass so loud you can feel it vibrate in your chest. Those DJ’s put on a great show!

Sunday was full of Kardashians re-runs, more pumpkin pie, a library trip, and enjoying Christmas lights in my neighborhood :) Oh, and going to Michael’s with my mom for Christmas decor! Have you checked out their ribbon? Amazing.


Now, I want to know how YOUR Thanksgiving was? What time do you normally eat? What’s your favorite food to eat? Any Thanksgiving Day traditions? :)


whitney said...

i feel like something is missing from this....

me! i wish we could have gotten together this weekend. but we will make up for it this week.

Jessie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! That pie looked to DIE FOR!

I watched the Lady Gaga special on Thanksgiving night... let me tell you, she is a genius!

Have a great Monday!!


Anonymous said...

what a great thanksgiving girl! and delicious food im sure :)

i think that cigarette 'art' is pretty awesome. and i prefer seeing cigs in that manner rather than seeing them hanging out of people's mouth :)

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was wonderful. :) How impressive that you only filled up one plate of food... I always use 1 plate, but completely put WAY too much on that 1 plate hehe.

Liz Taylor said...

Aw honey sounds like such a cute little Thanksigiving weekend, glad you had a good time. I love the "family portrait", so cute. I'm with you on "cool whip w/ a side of pumpkin pie" too haha I love them BOTH :) That 500k cig rug is INSANE, wow.

Michelle said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving! I loved the parade too!

All your pictures are great! I went to Michaels and bought tons of ribbon too! Amazing sales!

New follower :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! That tiger skin is crazy!!!!! Glad you had a good thanksgiving! :)

Lindsey said...

Well I blogged about all our tradtions Friday or else I'd tell you now.

*shiver*, I don't eat deviled eggs. They creep me out but they are my brother's favorite thing.

Love the pic of you and your kitty cat!! So cute!!!

We have a small family too, there was just 6 of us including my bro's gf. But I like the small intimate gatherings.

Oh, and y'alls spread is gorgeous. So festive!!

Lauren said...

I don't think I've ever been more hungry than I was this year... We always eat at 2pm. I don't think I could survive past then. As it was I did some snacking prior to dinner (if I didn't, I would have died I'm sure).

I OD on mashed potatoes every year. Though truth be told, I'm getting more and more into the stuffing. I also worked in some pie but it wasn't as satisfying as it usually is. I'm totally blaming that on the pregnancy though, I'm kind of off sweets right now and wanting bread, cheese, and potatoes 24-7 (you know, the good stuff that will add 5lbs in a matter of hours, oi).

Jax said...

OHMYGOSH I had NO idea that was made from cigarettes! Crazy! Good for you only making one plate! We won't discuss how many I had.. haha.. *le sigh*

Raquel said...

Glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving!
I wish we could of hung out this weekend :( We need to get together soon!!

Dana + Ryan said...

I love your sweater! Where did you get it?

We had an awesome Thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for. My favorite part is the dessert, too. I had our traditional chocolate chip pecan pie, though. TO DIE FOR!

Glad your break was filled to the brim with good things!

Anonymous said...

looks like a great turkey day! :)

Alexandria said...

You look stunning! And those deviled eggs look to die for!!

Ashley said...

yum, that pie looks soo yummy!! hope u had a fabulous holiday, lady! :)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a pretty fantastic Thanksgiving weekend to me! I love the leftovers the next day (and the day after that, and the day after that...) almost as much as I like the food on the actual day haha.