Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend–But really I’m just excited for The Bachelorette

Because I went to the dentist Friday afternoon and had sore gums for the rest of the evening {blog post on that to come}, I thought it would be best to take it easy this weekend and just relax. That said, it wasn’t the most eventful of weekends. But, I do have a few pictures to share with you!


Never in my life did I ever think I’d wear Vans shoes after the 1990’s. But, they’re all the rage in Utah so I’m trying to jump on the fad bandwagon… but failing miserably. I think this is the second time I’ve ever worn them.


Thrift Town

P.S. Is there anywhere good to thrift in the Salt Lake City area? Because everywhere I’ve gone has pretty much been a flop.


I’m sure you’d be very surprised {sarcasm} to read that a portion of my weekend was spent at The Humane Society. I know, I know. Look at this little guy named Ted. He’s a brown-haired cairn terrier and let me just tell you this… I LOVE cairn terriers! I’ve gone back and forth about if I got a little dog, what kind it would be. Pomeranian? Cairn terrier? Mini Australian Shepherd? In case this dog looks familiar, he probably reminds you of Toto from The Wizard of Oz. That’s because Toto was a cairn terrier! Look at that little face!! He is going to be a great “watch dog” for someone :) He loves to just be on the look-out!


I don’t know what it is about Rottweilers but I’ve always had a fascination with them. Okay, I think it might be because of the Carl books. Did anyone else read those growing up??



Carl was a sweet, little dog in the books. While I know life isn’t like what we read or see on TV, this Rottweiler/lab mix named Bubba was definitely a sweetie. He loved playing catch and The Humane Society claims he knows a lot of his commands. Hmm… maybe he was just a little rusty with “sit.”

The good news is that the number of dogs at The Humane Society has decreased these past couple weeks. In fact, I’ve never seen it so bare before! I’m hoping this means, not only is the number of adoptions going up, but the number of homeless pets is going down too!

Oh, and I also watched The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All {and could not get enough of the hilarious bloopers!} Which means… THE FINALE IS TONIGHT!! Who do you want Ashley to say “yes” to? I’m hoping for JP. While I wouldn’t be upset with Ben because it seems like she has a great connection with both of the guys, the love and camaraderie just really seems to be there between Ashley and JP :) We shall see!!

How was your weekend? How did you enjoy your last weekend of July? Scary, right??


Katie said...

Love the vans!

I have soccer tonight at 8 so I'm going to Tivo it and hopefully watch it right when I get home!!! I'm really not all that into it, but I do want to see who she picks. I'm not a big fan of either of the guys but if I had to pick I hope she picks JP :)

Hollie Ann said...

Your vans are so so cute! :)

Leslie Coxon said...

I am on Team JP too!!
I just emailed you about UT :)


CMae said...

Vans RoCK! I wear my red ones often my students say "I'm cool" because they actually can identify a brand on my feet taht they are familiar with ! hahah. Give em a try they are a good shoe!

Did you watch the Men tell all last night? Pretty good stuff!!!!

Ashley said...

I cannot WAIT for the finale either!!! I want her to pick JP :)

dana @ wonder forest said...

aww love the puppies!
and it's totally gonna be JP ;)
xox dana

ashley said...

I've never been into vintage shopping for the most part....but when i pass a thrift store I always have to stop and look for t-shirts to wear to bed and around the house. i have an obsession with soft, broken-in shirts. is that weird? also, how do you not take all of those pups home with you, lol? they are SO sweet.

Miss K said...

i bought slip on vans once and wore them...the one time. i just don't get it. it looks great on other peeps, but i guess it's just not my style either.

Katie said...

ugh dentist caused sore gums are the absolute worst :( Loving the dog pictures!

katie.michelle said...

Awww puppies!!!! :)

hehe I have those vans, too, but in dark blue. I love them! They've been popular in California for... well... forever!! haha, such a laid-back, surfer/skater style, and cute to boot :)

OMG i am SO excited for the bachelorette tonight!!! It is allll the girls and I were talking about at work last night, lol! I really like J.P. and am prettyyyyy positive he's going to be the last man standing :) Although, I think I like J.P. too much to want him to be with Ashley, because, well, I'm not the biggest fan of Ashley. We shall see!!! <3

Lauren said...

Awh! Cute pups & Vans! :)

Mrs. T said...

Great pictures!
Sometimes I wish I had cable so I could watch shows, but I would waste way too much time! Sort of like blogging... ha

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Believe it or not, my HUSBAND was more into the Bachelorette than I was. He just HAD to see the finale! I was hoping for Ben. Dangit. But regardless, Ashley annoyed the crap out of me.

That show is like a train wreck I can't look away from! :P

Lauren said...

Truth be told, I thought those were Keds at first... I mean, Keds are making a comeback too! :)