Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Day You Challenge–Day One


I decided to take part in this 10 Day Challenge (although I’m going to split up the days.) I love reading random facts about other people so I figured, shoot… maybe you’d want to read some about me? After all, isn’t that a big part of this bloggy world? Meeting new people and finding things we share! Today is all about secrets. Ooh, ahh!

Weren’t we always taught that “secrets, secrets are no fun” when we were younger? Well, these are just some unknown things that not many people know about me! Here goes nothing… Don’t judge.

1. I was in love with Nick Carter. I think he was my first, true celebrity LOVE. JTT was a childhood crush but dear Nick with those blue eyes and blonde hair… that was love. Well, I remember one day the world premiere of the Backstreet Boys’ video for “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” came on TV. I was so excited that I had to STAND in front of the TV as I watched. Then came the moment I will never forget…



Pardon the blurriness… it was the only picture I could find. Now, let’s rewind. Up until this point, I was used to videos like “Quit Playin’ Games” where the guys sang in the pouring rain with their shirts unbuttoned. But, now there’s a GIRL with NICK? That was not okay! Here’s the best part… as soon as I saw this girl with MY Nick, tears started to stream down my face and I’m pretty sure that at some point I screamed, “Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” at the TV. Man, I hope you still want to be my friend after that secret.

2. I’m extremely claustrophobic. And I don’t mean, “Yeah, I don’t really like tight spaces.” I obviously hate large crowds and although I love events and tourist attractions, I panic inside and can’t exactly breathe. Elevators… don’t even get me started. I can’t drive in the lane next to a big truck because I literally get tunnel vision and picture the truck coming into my lane. Planes… worst thing ever. Sometimes I think I have reverse claustrophobia {???} because the thought of scuba diving FREAKS ME OUT! Have you guys seen those underwater hotels? That is my worst nightmare.



3. I’m not super picky about most foods. Except BANANAS. I spend a good deal of time in front of the bananas at the grocery store, inspecting them for the proper color. I don’t think you understand the disappointment if I get to the store and ALL the bananas are yellow. I must have green in my bananas, that way I know they’ll still have a little time in their prime aka before a single freckle shows up. I like my bananas a littttle bit crunchy. I don’t think crunchy is the right word because I don’t want to bite into it like an apple but I do NOT like soft, mushy bananas. Gag.Me.Now.



4. After watching Teen Mom, a slight Southern accent comes out when I start to talk thanks to my girl Maci. Same thing happens whenever I’m with some of my friends from Virginia (the non-Northern part because we don’t have accents up there… usually) :)

5. I almost ALWAYS look at the clock each time it says 12:34. If I miss it, I get pretty disappointed. I also currently have 1, 234 pictures tagged of me on Facebook. My slight OCD tendencies are making me go into a panic about what’s going to happen if I get tagged again or if I untag a picture. Ha, just kidding about that last part. Kinda.



6. I have to drink soy milk or lactose-free milk because milk makes me nauseous as can be! It gets better… whenever I eat chocolate and cheese, my entire face feels like it’s sweating profusely. Sometimes I do end up breaking into a sweat and my cheeks get all blotchy. It’s a sight. Does this keep me from eating chocolate? Of course not!

7. I like to do voices. Ya know… British accents, talk like Borat, speak on behalf of animals, and I also do some pretty mean imitations of the different Angry Birds… and the pigs.



8. I will NOT leave the house if my toenails aren’t painted. There’s no reason why, really. I think my feet are cute but it’s just not an option for me to not have my toes painted. I think the longest I’ve gone without them painted is overnight a couple times in the past few years. Crazy, I know.

9. One time when I used to work in DC, I was leaving work (this is when I worked underground) and there was a severe thunderstorm warning. I’m thinking there might have even been a tornado watch. As I was walking from my building to the Metro station, the lightning was horrible!! I was too terrified to get on the train with windows surrounding me everywhere having to see all this lightning so I literally stood above-ground at the Metro stop (it was covered, don’t worry) for at least an hour, waiting for the storm to pass. I later went underground to the station and waited another twenty minutes and eventually got on the train. I had plans that night that I obviously had to cancel. Safety first, friends!

10. Although it’s not much of a secret anymore, I have mad skills on the drums on Rock Band. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s like some crazy hidden talent that I never knew I had. Challenge me. I dare you :) Please note the extreme concentration taking place below:


Wow, guys. I can’t believe I’ve told you so many secrets! Should I be scared to know what you all think of me now? I mean, crying over Nick Carter is totally normal but making the Angry Birds noises? Maybe I am crazy… or maybe now you kind of want to see if you can make the bird noises too :)


Ashlyn said...

i loved reading all of this about you chels :] thanks for sharing! i can't believe you can't leave the house without painting your toenails!! but i can't leave the house without my legs shaved -- so i shave my legs like 2-3 times a day. whenever i take a shower. haah

but i am going to be doing the 10-day challenge. just once i actually have 10 consecutive days to do it! :] but love you!!

Ashlyn said...

oh & pardon me. i don't know how i missed over your banana secret! hahah all i have to say is ME TOO. 100%. they have to be crunchy & no freckles. NOT EVEN ONE. can't be smushy. or i throw them away! haha

were twinsies!

Kate said...

I too had a passionate boy band love: Justin Timberlake. I was absolutely devastated over his relationship with Britney. My heart still does little pitpats when I see him in an interview!

dana @ wonder forest said...

haha i love your secrets! and #2 is totally me too!!!
xox dana

Anonymous said...

aw i loved reading these!! my southern accent comes out when i'm around my family...or anyone else who has one. haha thanks for sharing

annahita said...

cracks me up... I think we need to see a video of these Angry Bird video noises!

Katie said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVED reading all this about you! Serioussssly.... you are hilarious.

I will let you have Nick, because my first crush was JTT. My entire bedroom walls were covered in posters of him. I even had a SINGING poster above my bed hahahahaha I'm'd hit a button and the song Bye bye bye would play. #freakonaleash
I'm the same way about bananas...maybe not as bad but they need to be GREEN and full of life. PS-Find me on fb!

Britt said...

I love this! I am going to join in the fun too:)

Underwater hotels scare me too. JTT was my first kid crush and Kevin was my BSB of choice.

Laura said...

I so would have fought you for NiCk back in the day. Life size poster hanging in my room...umm check. Poster above the bed (no matter how creepy)...yep, he sure was there! Like, couldn't miss their 5 second spot on TRL (when it was cool), um, never! yeah, we would have fought. :)

Ashley said...

Hilarious! I was OBSESSED with Nick Carter when I was younger. I went the the BSB concert this fall & relived my childhood crush- I felt ridiculous, but it was amazing!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Bahhaha I loved this!! You are hilarious! Too funny about Nick Carter. I felt that way about Leonardo Dicaprio...swooon!! I also laughed out loud about the bananas! Girl you are funny

CMae said...

I was in love with Brian from the Backstreet Boys. :) I prefer my bananas a little greener...I don't like em brown at all!

Brianna said...

we are kindred spirits. I am the sameeee way about bananas! I like em a little crunchy. green FOR sure with NO freckles or I won't touch them. And I totally loved Nick too! My secret: BSB was totally my first concert when I was like 8 and I'm pretty sure I screamed "I love you Nick!" the entire time.

Stephanie said...

#3. I thought I was the only one like that! Everyone thinks I am crazy, but once the brown shows up on my bananas, they turn into banana bread bananas. :)

Miss K said...

i loved nick too! he used to come to my sister work at a dive bar all.the.time but i always missed him :(

Katie said...

These are all so adorable, I loved reading this! Have a great weekend! xo

Mrs. T said...

The underwater hotel looks beautiful, but it would freak me out too! I would have visions of the glass breaking under all that pressure and killing me with no way to escape.

Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower and I loved getting to know a little about you :] FYI, I NEVER, EVER am seen in public without my toes painted! In fact, un-polished toes are my biggest pet peeve! ha! you're not alone.