Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beauty Products Review/I Need Your Suggestions

I’m in need of a few products and this if my official call for HELP and suggestions on which exact products to get. But, since I know that’s not exactly fair to ask for help and give you nada in return, I’d also like to share my reviews on some newly discovered products in case you’re looking for new things to try as well. So, let’s do that first! I received my Eco-Emi July Box in the mail a couple weeks ago and have been testing out some of the products to see what I think. In case you haven’t heard of Eco-Emi, they’re a great company that sends you a box full of goodies that are eco-friendly, green, organic, vegan, etc. If you sign up, you get a box a month for only $15. I’ll be letting you know what I think of a few of those products today.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the product’s website!

First up, is the Rose Hips Black Soap from Shea Terra Organics.


This product doubles as a deep pore face wash AND mask. The consistency is much like that of molasses. It’s a very rich, dark color. The smell is nothing special. While it didn’t necessarily bother me, it certainly wasn’t the fresh floral scent I’m used to with these organic products. When applying it to the face, I’d compare it to applying jelly to your face. You take a glob and try to spread it around on your face, but it definitely does not spread easily. So, I decided to only apply the mask to my problem areas instead of my entire face.

After waiting about 10 minutes, you put a little water on your face, and the molasses-like jelly turns into more of a soap that you massage into your face. Let me tell you… my face felt SO clean when I was done. It even made the squeaky-clean sound. I kid you not. Although I didn’t feel anything grainy in the product, it acts as an exfoliator and gets rid of all the dead skin. My skin was SO smooth. I really don’t think I’ve felt my face so smooth before. In the end, the product’s inability to spread easily wasn’t that big of a deal once I saw the results! In the morning when I woke up… my skin felt just as clean!

Next up is the Aloe & Green Tea Hand/Body Lotion by J.R. Watkins


This stuff goes a long way. I only received a sample size of this and with a few little drops of lotion, I had my hands coated in lotion and the bottom portion of my legs covered as well. Keep in mind, I I’m usually pretty conservative when applying anything and don’t “lather it on.” The scent is fresh and organic smelling. I was pretty surprised to find out that an 11 fl oz bottle costs only $9.99! That’s cheaper than Bath & Body Works’ lotions AND this stuff has 10 natural oils and extracts in it. Not a bad deal!

Then we have the Organic Vanilla Mint Lip Moisturizer Balm by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques


I’ve said this before but I’m generally allergic to most solid lip balms and many lipsticks. So, I’m rather cautious when applying any of these and don’t apply much or use frequently. This lip balm smells nice and I do like the feel of it once it has been applied. It’s smooth and light and definitely didn’t feel too waxy. Well, except when applying it. The first couple times I used it, as I was applying the balm some of the wax would break off in a little piece and I’d have a small chunk sitting on my lip. Not attractive. Yet another reason why I love my jelly lip balms!


Now, here is where YOU come in!! :)

There are some particular products that I’m either in need of now or will be in need of soon. Some I like and some I’m willing to replace. If you have any suggestions for what I should replace these products with, either email me (chelsea.lifeisasunset@gmail.com) or leave me a comment!! I value my fellow bloggers opinions and know you guys are full of awesome ideas so I’d love to hear what you have to say :)


I haven’t found many mascaras that I love more than my darling L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. I like this mascara so much that I currently have two of them which is a big thing for me. I like the volume this mascara gives me (I mean, obviously, right?) I love that it doesn’t clump, AND it stays on most of the day. I hate that feeling when you run your finger over your lashes and they feel soft and as if nothing is on them and that definitely doesn’t happen with my beloved Voluminous. So, given this criteria, any suggestions on what I should try next?


Don’t even get me started on my stupid Dell laptop. Now I feel like I may have hurt my laptop’s feelings, ha. But, in all honesty, this computer has never been my best friend. We first met when I was a sophomore in college. She’s helped me through many papers and presentations and research and Facebooking but she’s also frustrated the HECK out of me through all of those processes. She is s-l-o-w. So slow that there was a pause before that last “w” and the second portion of this sentence took 30 seconds to show up on the screen. I kid you not. HELP! Once I have the money, what laptop should I get? I need decent storage for my larger sized images and something that IS going to be my best friend and last me a long time with few disappointments along the way. I’d prefer to never purchase a Dell again. Ready, go!


Because of my lame laptop, it’s been quite a while since I’ve festered up the patience to download new music to my iTunes. That said, and with me being a music-obsessed girly, I NEED NEW MUSIC! Here are the three songs I did manage to download this weekend to give you an idea of what I like. Lupe Fiasco - “The Show Goes On” (is this not one of the best songs of the year? Yes. Yes, it is.) Kevin Rudolf - “I Made It” (My new theme song) and that Pitbull/Ne-Yo “Give Me Everything” song. Okay, so that’s actually a horrible representation of the music I like. I like SOME hip-hoppish songs. Kind of like how I only like SOME country music (I don’t really like male country singers.) But really my music collection ranges in everything from pop to alternative to classic rock. For these purchases, I’d probably prefer more current songs. Let me know what I should look into!!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :)

P.S. Did anyone watch Bachelor Pad 2 last night? If that show is not drama, then I don’t know what is!


Hollie Ann said...

So it's more expensive than a Dell but I got my MacBook about 2 years ago and it acts brand new. It's worth saving/cutting back for! I promise! And they have student discounts :)

Kate said...

I absolutely adore the Clinique mascara. It works amazingly well for everyday use and I'll even layer it with the more ridiculous "falsies" style mascaras when I want more drama. It's light, clean, and looks great.

If you're looking for stability and image handling I can't recommend Mac enough - it just works and I haven't had any "error" messages in the past 3 years of having mine. Forget those blue screens of death, forget having a ton of useless programs running in the background - it just works, and keeps working. Mine has only gotten slow recently but it's nothing compared to the slowness of my old Dell.

And finally, are you using Spotify? I'll send you a ton of songs I'm loving lately if you're interested!

Raquel said...

Oooo glad you posted this cuz i have some awesome recommendations!!
As for mascara...i am IN LOVE with the Maybelline Falsies! it lengthens and volumizes them and it give a false eyelash effect...hence the name! It's definitely my go-to mascara :)

I have an HP Pavillion dv4 laptop in white, and i got it almost 3 years ago and it works wonderfully! I love it so much. Another one i would recommend is a macbook. Pretty much all my friends have one and they can't rave enough about it. It's costly, but so worth it!

For music, try pandora! It's great because you find new songs and artists based on your music choices. Also since you like more hip hop and what not, i would recomment the new Kanye West and Jay-Z album that came out yesterday called "Watch the Throne" and LMFAO (it's not really hip hop, it's more dance music but it's amazing!!) album called "Sorry For Party Rocking"

Hope this helps!

Leslie Coxon said...

I love that JR Watkins lotion! I have it in a set...it came with hand soap and counter top cleaner for the kitchen. I really like all 3 products.

For Mascara- I HIGHLY suggest Mabelline Stiletto in Blackest Black. It will make your eyelashes so long and clump free and it definitely stays on ALL day. I have been using it for a couple years and nothing else I have tried even compares. Plus it is cheap! Whohoo!

Mrs. T said...

Since it's summer:
For self tanning: St. Tropez Tanning Mousse (expensive, but works SO well!)
Sunscreen: Anything that has SPF protection that comes from a natural mineral source! The other chemical 'screens' are dangerous and can actually CAUSE skin cancer. Think of it like this: out in the sun, baking chemicals into your body...yuck!

And of course, when my organic product line comes out for the home & body, you'll want to get a few things. ;)

Alexandria said...

Mascara: I like the Benefit mascaras. All of them. Check out Sephora!
Laptop: Macbook Pro. All day. Every day. Best investment decision of my adult life.
Music: Nicki Minaj, for the win. That should totally satisfy your hip-hop/rap needs. And for others? Try John Butler Trio; good, folksy, awesome sounding stuff!

Do you have Spotify? Sign up for that so you can listen to songs and then decide if you want to buy them!

Katie said...

I can finally be useful for SOMETHING...

1. Mascara- BADGAL by Benefit at Sephora. bomb.com. While your at it, pick up High Beam by Benefit..you will lurve it. best product ever.

2. Laptop- My life was forever changed when I switched from a PC to MAC and got the MAC Book Pro. AMAZING. worth the $.

3. Music- GIRLFRIEND...not only would we {are we} besties but our ipods would fall in love too. all the songs you listed are on my ipod on repeat. Here are some of my favs right now: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem, Hit the Lights - Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne {my dude}, Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason Derulo, Otis - Jayz and Kanye, and just because this song makes me smile..Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5! :)

CMae said...

Lose the PC laptop. Junky Junk. I promise. Invest in a macbook. Mine's 3 yrs old and runs like the day I bought it. Best investment piece I've EVER bought (besides my honda) and I think that's saying A LOT!

Mascara.....you want a good one...gotta fork over the money..I use LashGasam by Too Faced Make up Sold at Sephora or Ulta. It's pricy but it NEVER clumps and I LOVE that!

Music: did you did listen to the tune on my page on Sunday? New hit by carrie Underwood and Brad paisley called U Remind me...great song

ALso lady A sings "just a kiss"

anything by ADELE is a great download.

annahita said...

Mascara: I love BadGal from Benefit
Laptop: MacBook for life!

good luck!

Katie said...

The new benefit mascara It's called something like They're Real...anyway, it's the best. Seriously, the best.

Also, I will never go back to Dell. Ever. Ever. The worst. Mac for life.

Lauren said...

I had no idea so many people had Macbooks - wow. I have my high-end Dell (well two - work and home) and I've had no problems... Totally depends on the model and how old. Then again, I tend to upgrade every 2-3 years so maybe that's why?

I've tried a bunch of mascaras but pretty much use whatever Ashlyn is using at the moment haha. Girl always knows what's up in the mascara department - I would take her recs over any beauty consultant's!!

asosoutfitter said...

Mascara - Maybelline Collosal Volume Effect is reeeally good, I've only just started using it and I love it :)

Laptop - My laptop as a ASUS one, it's really good. Good internet connection, fast, good screen, good memory. (not sure what model it is though!)

Music - atm, i'm in to rizzle kicks. i've actually found myself a obsession with biggie smalls! i'm quite into rap stuff but if you want recent stuff, check out the radio 1 website. (i think you can access that in america? not sure...)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I use the Falsies mascara.. I lovelovelove it!!

Brittany DiLillo said...

Clinique mascara is absolutely the best!
And I am in love with my Sony Vaio computer. It has not given me any problems since I have gotten it, and its going on year 5 now!

Kayla said...

I can definitely help you out in the mascara department! I have read a few ladies comments and they are saying the Benefit BAG GAL lash, and I have to agree 100% this is the first mascara I have truly loved <3 And it works even better if you use the Maybelline Falsies Mascara first then the benefit mascara over it. If you try this please let me know if this trick works for you also :)

Camylla Leonardi said...

Okay so my favorite mascara is the Estee lauder. I'm obsessed with it!
Laptop I just bought a brand new one 3 months ago its the sony vaio and i love it!
Music: I'm in to.. Michael Buble, John mayer, Jack johnson, Norah jones, colbie caillat... etc

Lots of Love,

Megan said...

i use loreal collagen mascara and LOVE it. i use a primer though (lancome) so my lashes never feel too harsh....

as for laptops i have a sony vaio and i love it...but my next will probably be a mac!