Friday, August 5, 2011

True Life: I’m a General Blogger

I saw this link-up all over the place today and thought since I’m 1) still pretty new with this blog and 2) taking the fabulous Blog 101 e-course courtesy of Ashley over at After Nine to Five which is helping me develop my little blog, I should take part. While this blog is still new, I’d love to give you an idea of what I’ll be sharing :) Go join in soon with Fabulous but Evil and Mrs. Monologues!

Hi, I’m Chelsea!


Or, if you saw me sometime in the past 10 years up until about 6 months ago, I may have looked something more like this:

DSC_0509 copy

Yeah, I prefer my hair longer and blonder too!

Anyway. I’m a girl in my mid-twenties, born and raised in Virginia! (Northern VA to be exact, because yes, there is a little difference) ;) I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Communications and a Minor in Dance and set out to be an event planner!

I’ve always had a creative mind. Math and Science? Psh, please. Dance, acting, and writing have always been three of my strongest passions. I worked hard and trained hard and feel alive when I’m creating something whether it’s a dance piece, a character, or a story.

Which reminds me… I was cast as Alice from Alice in Wonderland in a school play. I have a lot in common with that girl. “Curiouser and curiouser.”

You will probably see me post every so often about my little kitty, Stella. I rescued her from The Humane Society earlier this year and she is my precious bundle of joy. She loves to play catch!


Sometimes I might just post totally random things. For example the million several times I’ve dressed up as a Spice Girl. Some of these times may or may not have been in public and they may or may not be on a {music} video. I can neither confirm nor deny :) Hmmm, this might just have to be a future post.

You will also probably see me post about my friends and family whom I miss more than anything. Picking up and moving across the country to Utah will do that to ya! My friends and I have been known to take fun pictures. Pictures with the White House, pictures like a totem pole…



I’m also a total bargain finder. I mean, who likes to pay full-price anyway? Am I right, or am I right? :) So, you’ll also occasionally see some great steals I’ve found or products that I’d totally recommend! Like this amazing elf concealer which you can read about in this post, if you haven’t already!

My biggest thing here is that I want to stay TRUE to who I am. If I want to be a goof ball one day {which is quite often} and include some humor in my posts, then I’m going to be a goof ball. If I have something a bit more serious on my mind {don’t worry, nothing like scary-serious} then I’m probably going to write about it. I want this to be a place where I can express myself and who I am freely, and also build relationships with fellow bloggers. Some days I may have more to say than others. Like today, I’ve posted multiple times! I hope you enjoy your time here because I certainly enjoy writing and sharing with you all!


Sarah said...

Love your blog!
And totally agree with finding a good bargain like elf products!

lauren nicole said...

seriously, the fact that you dress up like a spice girl... AWESOME!!!

new follower, fo sho!

Claire Kiefer said...

Happy to have found you through the linkup! I, too, have dressed up like a Spice Girl! Just once, though. haha. It was my senior year of high school, and both Posh Spice and Scary Spice were pregnant, so my bff and I were the pregnant Spice Girls for Halloween. So funny. I still have pics!

I'm a new follower; looking forward to reading more!

Sara L. said...

This is such a great post!
I was in Alice in Wonderland too! I was in second grade with everyone else being in high school. I played the door mouse, it was so much fun :)

ashleigh said...

enjoyed your post;
im thinking of reading the archive so that i can get to know you more!
met ya thru the link up
new follower =]

tara said...

you are too cute and stella is precious! nice to find another bargain finder- i NEVER pay full price for anything! :)

Katie said...

Such a great post, I'm loving your blog :) xo

Liz Taylor Training said...

Hey babe! I'm with you, I'm totally new to the General Blogging as well. Your header is awesome, you are absolutely gorgeous, and I too have a cat - whoop whoop! I'm definitely following you girl, hope to chat soon. XOXO

Lindsey said...

Loved reading this! What is this blogger 101 course??? You are doing a fabulous job and you just started blogging! It took me a LONG time to get the hang of it. For the like first 4 months I had a blog, I didn't even have the follower app on my page and I was like waaaahhh why is no one following me! I had 12 followers 6 months ago. I was soooo pumped about 12. You just keep learning as you go and I have lots more to learn. Going to check this 101 course out. I love your blog Chels, keep it up!

JelenaDoll ~ said...

loll what an awesome post :) I agree with Chelsea, who likes to pay full price anyways? one! :p enjoyed reading this.

Jelenadoll <3

Savanah said...

I'm already a follower but it was good to read more about you!! And awwww Stella!!!!

Kristy said...

LOVE this!! We have even more in common than I thought!! Kitties, ya girl!!

Mrs. Monologue said...

So glad that you decided to link up and I was able to find your blog. Congrats on joining the blog world, you will love it!

Also, hooray for ComS majors!

Sarah Jane said...

Okay, minor discovery that I had to say "ohh yeah!" to is in the first picture of you... I own that greenish blue leaf shirt! Haha random but I love it. Also, I am a complete bargain shopper too. I got that from my mom and thank goodness because its true, why pay full price?? So you've got yourself a new follower!

-Sarah from

Jax said...

I definitely enjoy my time over here on your bloggidy! Love getting to know you over the blogworld!This is a cute idea for a blog post! And I love your hair either way.. just saying!

Anonymous said...

love this! i feel like i got to know you a little better. and you are doing a great job on your blog! i read it everyday!

Sarah E. said...

Love your blog already! You seem like a very happy sunny person!

Stella is gorgeous. She looks a bit like my Bella!


Hollie Ann said...

you look great both ways! i have tortiseshell kitty too! :)

Melissa C said...

Very cute blog! :)

annahita said...

your cats are adorable and I miss the "totem pole" pictures of my sorority days, excited to follow along now!

Carolyn said...

I just found your blog! New follower! :)

I am TOTALLY going to try that concealer. No joke!