Friday, February 17, 2012

A List of Lessons

I just want to give a huge “thank you” and a big virtual hug to those of you who linked up yesterday for Journey Forward! I was inspired reading each of your posts with the word(s) you have chosen and I’m even more excited now for the weeks to come. I have a really good feeling about this year :) If you haven’t linked up your post yet, you have until Wednesday night to do so!

I was planning on doing something else for a post today, but life can change on us rather quickly, yes? I decided to change the tone a bit. I found out about The Friday List over on Company of Clever and thought I'd share a list with you today.

What this week has taught me:

+ one Listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. And, if it hasn't felt right for a while, it definitely isn't right. See a doctor.

+ two Ben {The Bachelor} is just not my type of guy. I'm glad Emily wasn't ridiculously upset when she didn't get a rose because it's Ben's loss. I think she was able to judge his true character by his decision to get rid of her and keep Courtney.

+ three Character is not something that changes in a person. Bad habits, traits, mannerisms, yes. Character, no. And, it might take a while to see someone's true character, but once you do, examine it and see how it fits with your character and your life
+ four I need to start buying Sensitive Solutions earrings again. Yep, like the old school Claire's/Icing sensitive solutions earrings. Okay, so I won't actually be doing that because, let's be honest - I wear big earrings, not little studs. However, I do need to figure something out because most of my earrings have really been irritating my ears as of late :(

+ five The Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar is probably one of the greatest things I've ever eaten. I honestly didn't think I'd find anything I'd love as much as the Coconut Cream Pie Larabar but, I did! It is SO yum! AND it's good for you.

+ six I don't think I will ever be able to buy a new car. First, why would I buy something that's going to depreciate in value immensely as soon as I drive it off the lot? Second, I see the way people drive, park, and carelessly bang their car doors into yours. Not to mention the pot holes here make driving feel like you're off-roading. Used cars for this girl.

+ seven Every day is a gift. I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week that on Monday, on my way into work, I passed a very bad accident that had happened mere moments before. At first I saw a tractor trailer in the median. Then, I saw a van smashed into a tree and finally, as I passed, I saw a Scion also in the median that had been demolished. For some reason, seeing an accident before the emergency crews even get there makes it that more real to me. You can see the panic of the people rushing to help and you can feel the eerie stillness in the air as everyone tries to figure out what to do.

+ eight As semi-ridiculous as this may sound, I get SO much of my inspiration from Pinterest. Pinspiration?

+ nine Family is everything.

+ ten The trials we go through help put everything into perspective. Not only are they given to us to strengthen us and put us through the experiences we need to grow and become more whole, but they show us where our priorities ought to be and what truly matters at the end of the day.

"The ultimate reason for having trials and afflictions is to entice you to become the person it takes to overcome them." - Cheryl States

My family has been hit with a trial and much of this weekend will be spent praying, hoping, and waiting. If you have an extra prayer or two, please say some for my sweet Mom...


Miss K said...

great post! i'm gonna run out and buy that bar, it sounds delicious!

Shane said...

I agree, Ben is not my kinda guy either. Still addicted to the show though :)

Raquel said...

I STILL have to try Luna bars! I've heard they're so yummy!

I hope everything is ok with your mom girly :( Sending love and prayers to her!

Meagan Murtagh said...

love your link up!! great post~

xo the egg out west.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

That Luna bar sounds SO good!

And I love this list. The quote about character is super good - I've actually never heard it! Which is weird since I'm such a quote junkie ;)

Happy weekend, lovely!

xoxo, dania said...

love the quote! and the earrings!

id love to swap buttons with you! let me know if you're interested!

elz said...

hi ma'am! thanks so much for joining my link-up: i was in madrid & saw your link and it totally made my weekend. you have an adorable blog, i am looking forward to following along.

The quotation you included comparing character & reputation is spot on, I love discovering new things I really relate to.

And most importantly, I know we could be real-life friends since you included the bachelor as part of your list, that's all.

- elz