Thursday, February 23, 2012

Journey Forward {2}

After the last two posts and a week full of pain, please know that my heart just isn’t ready to write yet. However, I’ve made the commitment to this link-up and those of you participating so I will still be publishing this post to give you the opportunity to link up about your journeys. After today, I am unsure when I will return to this blog. When the time feels right, I will. Maybe in the next week or so. Your emails, texts, and tweets have touched my heart and family so deeply and the gratitude I have for each and every one of you can truly not be described. I love you all.

This week’s Journey Forward challenge was to create a Journey Forward pinboard on Pinterest and fill it with anything and everything that reminds you and inspires you to work toward your word. Then, feel free to share some of those pins with us. To continue being inspired and sharing the love, I’d love for everyone to visit some of the other pinboards mentioned in the posts linked below and follow along.

You can start following my Journey Forward pinboard here.



Next Week’s Prompt:

Write a letter to yourself one year ago. I will leave it at that.

I have disabled comments for this post. Please take that time to visit the other links. Again, I love you all and will see you back here in the near future.