Thursday, February 2, 2012

All in a Day’s Work

“Just another day at the office.” I’ve said that a lot. I’ve definitely had my fair share of fun, hectic, and interesting days at work throughout my career days. Last week was no exception.

We acquired a new mannequin at work. I had seen one of my co-workers carrying the pieces around and just didn’t think anything of it. So, later, I was going about my business and walked into the copier room only to be startled by two life-size legs just chilling on the ground. I totally jumped.

Little did I know, madness was about to commence. The guys start snickering about where they were going to “plant” this mannequin in order to scare people around the building. I chuckled because it was pretty funny that they were putting so much thought into it.

I continue getting some work done and go upstairs to meet with a co-worker about something. He was about to leave for lunch so I told him I’d be back later. Well, about an hour or so later, I decide to head back up there. I walk into his office and, much to my surprise, there is a life-size mannequin chilling at his desk. I jumped again.

Later, I find about five people hanging out, just awaiting the reaction of yet another co-worker whose office has been taken over by the mannequin. In this group of people is the initiator of it all. So, obviously, I have to tell him how I’ve accidentally “run into” this mannequin not once but twice already! The day continues on and I’m sure they did their best to scare a few more people before the end of the workday.

I show up the next morning and, you guessed it, they’re still snickering about their plans for that day. They were going to start off placing the mannequin in the office two doors down from mine. I laughed again, thinking how funny it was that these guys love their pranks so much. It’s cute, right? The day goes on and I get pulled upstairs to work on something for about twenty minutes. When I return to my office, look who I ran into… again:


They got me.

And, yes, I jumped. For a third time. The guys thought for sure that since I had been scared so many times by the mannequin already, that I surely wouldn’t fall for it this time. Wrong-o.

It was an awesome prank. Now, whenever I pass by Mr. Mannequin who is currently being used on display, I still chuckle :)

Have you had any pranks played on you while at work?


Lindsey said...

Hilarious, I love it. Ummm yes, I've had more than I can count. At my previous office that i was at for 4 years, we were all like best friends. One morning I was running a little late and when I twisted my key to open my door, the ENTIRE OFFICE WAS FILLED WITH THE SALES GUYS! They were all sitting in there and I screamed so loud expecting to just walk into my office. Another time my boss hid my cell phone up in the ceiling so i would hear it ringing but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. The list goes on!! Totally love pranks.

Jenn said...

hahaha, that's awesome!

Blake said...

Haha! This is amazing!

I have this bad habit of resting my legs on top of my computer's tower which is on the floor under my desk. The other day one of my more hilarious co-workers crawled on the floor to my desk so I couldn't see him and grabbed my foot that was sticking out. I squealed so loud everyone jumped. Yay for having fun co-workers!!

Lauren said...

I can't even count all the random things that have been done in our office... Most of them by a group that included me (oppsies). It makes work so much more fun :)

Carolyn said...


Carolyn said...

Also - we stuffed a red gorilla costume with newspapers and set it up in someone's office once. Priceless. :)

Holly said...

Heheheh! I think that's hilarious! I definitely would have been scared by that creepy mannequin too! Especially if it was sitting at my desk! :O

Unpublished Life said...

Great story - I sit with the pranksters in the office and I've had the following done tome:

-Wheels taken off my chair
-Fingers dipped in my water
- Emails sent form my account to someone else in the office declaring my love for them

The list goes on and on, it makes for a fun day in the office though.