Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Link-Up Prompt

It's Thursday which means, today I get to announce the first prompt for my new link-up! Also, I'm sure you're wondering what the official name is. Ladies {and gentlemen}, introducing...

Journey Forward

I found this name to be rather fitting since this link-up will help document our journey moving forward and toward our goal {and our one word.} I think the word "journey" can be used either as a noun OR a verb, and I love that :)

I hope the name reminds you that this will be a journey. Not every day will be perfect. However, and what's most important, is that we learn from this journey and continue to prosper! I'm hoping for this link-up to develop a community full of other people who are each on their own journey, allowing us to encourage one another and cheer each other on throughout the year!

So, without further ado, here's the first prompt:

Define your word. Start with the foundation. Tell us how the dictionary defines your one word and then tell us how YOU define it. What does that word MEAN to YOU?

I think by really dissecting our word from the beginning, we'll be able to find even more meaning in it! If you don't have one word for the whole year, pick one word that you'd like to work toward this week!

So, friends, start brainstorming and writing and then come back here next Thursday to share your link and meet some new "journeyers" :) Feel free to take the button below and either put it in your blog post or on your sidebar - share the love and get more people journeying along with us! :)

Life is a Sunset

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited to start being inspired by everyone's posts!!

Let me know what you think!


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

I am excited about this! It'll be nice to be able to share something with my blogger friends that is serious and that can help me and the reader! Not to mention I'm excited about the actual journey:) Again, this is a great idea!

Christina May Andrews said...

I am happy to see this! I can't wait to read others thoughts on this prompt. I am so glad you are doing this link up. I found you at follow friday and I MUST follow because I can't wait for this link up!!

Holly said...

I love the idea for this link up. Working on my word. :)