Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorites This Friday

Happy Friday, friends! This may sound weird, but, I can’t believe the weekend is almost here already! Hey, I won’t complain though.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds this past week.

Favorite Outfit
Olive green jacket with a patterned dress
This outfit is definitely something you could find me wearing. The only things I’d change would be the length of the skirt {it’s a teensy bit too short for me} and probably the color of the heels. I’d choose something just a bit more earthy in tone}


Favorite Witty Idea
Little Book of Earrings - Pink
The Little Book of Earrings is a great way to store your earrings whether you’re traveling or just need somewhere to keep them organized. Because of my love for big, chunky earrings I’d love a BIG book of earrings :)


Favorite Decor Idea
Awesome ceiling
These wallpapered ceilings definitely catch my eye!

Favorite Quote
Reactions can be everything.
This quote reminds me that no matter how hard a day or moment or time that we fall, what makes us become better is how we react.

Favorite Beauty Tip

I’m excited that my hair is longer so that I can start side-braiding again! The secret to
this braid is to braid a strand before you braid all three together!

Tell me which of these is your favorite! :)

As always, feel free to find me on Pinterest to follow my finds throughout the week! That’s a whole lot of f’s that I used in that sentence. Fluff.


Michelle P said...

ooh I love her hair!

Concerning Amanda... said...

THE BRAID! I adore Lauren Conrad and her style :) And that outfit at the beginning of marvelous - I love the vibrant colours of the dress!

Lauren said...

The book of earrings is such a great idea! Especially for me because I own a lot of smaller earrings.

Alexandria said...

I love each and every one of these. Especially the hair tutorial because I saw it yesterday and can't wait to try it when my locks are long and luscious :)

KAH said...

I think I want to be Lauren Conrad, she always looks so put together!

Jessica said...

That outfit is gorgeous!
Seriously want that dress!

Happy Friday!

CALLIE said...

LOVE that first outfit!! Adorbs.

And O, what I would do for LC's hair. Goodness gracious. Gorge.

The Sweet Life said...

Omg I love that braid...and I'm not a bit surprised about who is sporting it. LC is my favorite!!!

Ashley said...

Loving your favorites! I love that room decor. SO chic! LC braid is gorgeous- I wish my hair could do that! Happy weekend :)

Miss K said...

i love that braid, i'm gonna try brading a little piece again

Jax said...

I kinda sorta LOVE this post! I was reading it and thinking "I have to comment on that" on each thing you blogged about.. .The outfit is fabulous and I love it (agree about the skirt length and shoes) and I need that earring book.. but also need a bigger one...wallpapered ceilings=GENIUS! And that quote is so very true.. I was actually just telling someone something similar this weekend... Hope you had a great weekend, friend!

Holly said...

Love the book of earrings! Actually a very clever idea!

Just dropping by from Follow Friday!

Courtney said...

LOVE the dress! Where can I find it?!