Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday | Turning Over a New Veil

As I think of the New Year, I think of new beginnings, the close of one chapter and the start of a new one. One part of weddings that makes me think of this same thing is the veil. The bride’s beautiful veil. Many of the traditions and superstitions of the veil are quite “out there” so I won’t be getting into those. However, I still like the tradition of the bride wearing the veil and having her father uncover her face upon giving her away or having the groom do so before they kiss.

In my opinion, nothing should take away from the gown. The veil is an accessory and should perfectly complement the bride’s dress. When you’re there at the bridal store, and you think you’ve found “the one",” the consultant will always recommend that you try it with the veil to “complete” the look. So, here’s the fun part {okay so wedding planning is ALWAYS fun – ha ha}

Which type of veil do you choose?

The long, Chantilly lace veil

The Stella...Full leangth ivory lace veil

Tulle chapel length veil with a shorter tier as the blusher

Long veil bridal Ivory diamond white fingertip chapel cathedral  wedding long veil blusher, 2 tier drop veil

A wrist-length Mantilla veil
Mantilla veils are Spanish-inspired lace veils

Nancy Mantilla Veil

Two-layered crystal-edged veil

2-layer Swarovski Crystal Edge Wedding Veil

Lastly, the veil I went with:

The birdcage veil

Ivory Blusher Birdcage Veil  -  OTHER colors available white, black, royal purple, aqua, and red

I’m pretty sure my veil was one of the only “definites” I had when going into the wedding planning process. I KNEW I wanted a birdcage veil. As soon as I found my dress, I tried it on with the birdcage veil and it was perfect :) Destiny, they say.

The style of veil you choose is most definitely a personal preference and depends on your taste and the style of your gown. Some brides choose to not even wear a veil.

Again, these are only some of the many types of veils that can be found and made. The possibilities are endless as are most other details with weddings :)

Which type of veil strikes your fancy?


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I didn't wear a veil on wedding day. Instead, I wore a clip in flower that matched the sash of my wedding dress. I like the birdcage veil though!

Kristina said...

I may opt to not wear a veil or do a birdcage that doesn't hand over my face. I have never been a veil person. I'm going for a tulle flower.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Veils are required for a Jewish wedding so I had one. I got a gorgeous long ivory one- it went about 2 feet past my train- with beading all around the edges that matched the beading on my dress. I had a simple ivory blusher.

Daisy said...

Woah those are some serious veils! I like the really long one :)

Amanda C. said...

One of my biggest regrets for my wedding was not wearing a veil. It was on the beach though and I didn't want to deal with the wind.

Joelle said...

I know that there are some women who are anti-veil, but I absolutely love veils. They are just so feminine, and definitely bring another special element to your wedding day. I'm especially loving that first lace one. Gorgeous!


Lauren said...

You know I almost didn't have a veil at all... But at the last minute I decided to go for it. I can't imagine not having one now. It's what really made me feel like a bride.

Liza said...

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