Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ponder and Laugh

While I’m still away {hopefully being inspired by my travels} I’ll leave some more inspiration with you.
One thing to make you ponder and two to make you laugh :)

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How true is this?
Every single line.

I have found that so many blessings are blessings in disguise. Some of our rainiest days give us the brightest rainbows.

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These get me every time.
Why must cats sit ON the keyboard?
Now that I know this is what they’re saying, it’s okay. I’ll let them. Too. Cute.

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Stop itttt. Whoooo loves orange soda?

That’s all for now! I should be back tomorrow. So, until then, ponder and laugh… ponder and laugh :)


asj said...

I had to google who loves orange soda... I was lost. But sadly, I think that's because I'm too OLD not too young! :P

jessica said...

i do i do i do oooh! gosh i love kenan and kel..i wonder if they have seasons out on dvd for it! if so i want.

Gina said...

That first quote totally caught my attention. It's so true! And that kitty picture--too cute & funny! :)

xo, gina


Daisy said...

These are all really cute! That cat is adorable and I don't even like cats. lol

Bunnie said...

Love this!

your newest follower....


Lia Joy said...

love it. that quote about blessings is actually lyrics from a song called "Blessings" by Laura Story. look it up. it's an amazing song! :)

Alexandria said...

BAH Toby sits on my keyboard too! He's trying to right now actually...

And the last one KILLS ME. Kelllll loves orange soda.

Miss K said...

i love that first quote, thanks for sharing :D

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Haha, LOVE that orange soda one! So true! So funny!