Sunday, January 22, 2012

Freeing My iPhone Pictures

I’ve said it before on here how absolutely horrible I am about doing anything with the pictures I take on my iPhone. They usually just sit there. I have an account with Instagram, but don’t use it, I don’t upload my pictures to Facebook. They just sit there. All 800 and some odd number of them. Craziness. Please keep in mind, I still don’t have the fancy iPhone 4S camera so my pictures might not be quite as snazzy as others. I think they’re still cool :)

Luckily, sweet Jenni from Story of My Life has organized a fun link-up to share some of our phone pictures!

Today is an interesting day for me, to say the least. So, to put my mind elsewhere, I’m sharing some totally random things with you!


1. Me on a chilly day with my new favorite scarf.
2. Me on a not-as-chilly day with my new favorite scarf.

Target scarves are lovely. Soft, fun colors/patterns, AND they’re a decent price. Bam!


3. Denver sky with the Rockies in the far-off distance
4. Las Vegas Strip

Both taken from the window of a plane/the airport. I was lucky and got to be in both places on the same day :)


5. New running shoes on the treadmill
6. How pants look when I try them on. I still love being short. Sigh…


7. Larabar’s uber line. Bananas Foster. Yummmm! Has anyone tried this yet?
8. A plate full of yum Mexican for my celebration dinner. I like celebration dinners :)


9. The Broiler. Best pizza ever. I don’t think calling it pizza is even fair because it’s so unique. If you’re ever in Arlington, VA – stop by this place! It’s been a family favorite for years!
10. Shirlington Cinema for My Week With Marilyn :)

And that’s about it, folks! It feels nice to finally share some of these pictures with you.

I hope everyone’s Sunday has been positive and fabulous and here’s to a new, exciting week!


Nicole Rene said...

UMMM I am the same way, I have over 900 pictures on my iPhone but am so bad about uploading them! This was a cute post to show a little about your life! LOVE Target anything... & I love being short too haha ;)

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Love those pics of you. So pretty!

Bree said...

Ha I'm 5'2" and most pants are like that on me too, but I'm with ya..I love my height!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

LOVE your scarf! And you are too dang cute!


Michaela said...

Great photos! You look adorable :) And seriously...awesome shoes & laces! Purple is my favorite!

Vivian said...

Agree!Target scarfs are the best.Bananas Foster? Never heard of them... I should :) As always there you are looking so pretty!

Amanda C. said...

Haha, that's what pants look like when I try them on too.

Michelle P said...

Im usually pretty good with uploading my pictures, thankfully!

Love the scarf!

Jax said...

Love the top pics of you, gorgeous! And also laughed at the pants photo. I'm 5'7, so the regular size pants look short on me but the long length looks like the ones you have. I have to buy those and have them hemmed. Here's to a new week, sista!

Lauren said...

So so so pretty! :) Love all of your iphone pictures!


Blake said...

Ha, that's EXACTLY how pants look on me. Yay for shortness!

Daisy said...

It looks like you had a great week! Great pictures :)

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh! I have those same running shoes! haha Nike Pegasus?