Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday | Going to the Vegas Chapel

Having just returned from Las Vegas, I obviously had to dedicate this Wedding Wednesday to one of the things Las Vegas is famous for… wedding chapels. I’m sure most of you have either seen the movie What Happens in Vegas or know about Britney Spears’ Vegas wedding. Or, perhaps you’re like me and refer to The Bachelorette quite frequently {Ashley and William almost had a wedding before their one-of-a-kind dinner in the middle of the Bellagio fountain.}

Anyway. This isn’t about The Bachelorette… sadly.

This is about Vegas wedding chapels. More specifically, this is about one Vegas wedding chapel in particular. It’s {as far as I know} the newest wedding chapel in Las Vegas. It’s known as the Pop-up Wedding Chapel and it’s located just a few steps from the Strip itself. Its street-level location at the new Cosmopolitan hotel and glass windows allow passersby to take part in some of the wedding festivities.

Now, you’re probably wondering what is so special about this wedding chapel. After all, there are SO many chapels to choose from in Sin City.

For starters, while I haven’t personally seen the inside of any other Vegas wedding chapels, I saw the inside of this one and I was quite impressed. Let me also say that I was quite impressed with the inside of the entire Cosmopolitan hotel. So, the modern and glamorous wedding chapel decor was definitely appreciated. The Pop-up Wedding Chapel is so new {it opened on December 28th} that pictures of it on the Internet are hard to come by. Luckily, yours truly was there to capture some snapshots.


After taking a peak inside, you’ll see the lit-up runway aisle, white chiavari chairs and sleek white carpets. The tables around the outskirts of the chapel are filled with wedding goodies and souvenirs, including wedding bands and fake wedding announcements. The “altar” backdrop is a huge print of the oh-so-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign.


Now, it’s time to talk business. The Pop-up Wedding Chapel offers three packages:

Hitched in a Hurry Package - $80.00
20 minute wedding ceremony | 2 champagne cans | 2 eraser rings | 1 photo booth photo | Gift bag

On a Whim Package - $125.00
20 minute wedding ceremony | Silk flower bouquet | 2 champagne cans | 2 eraser rings | 2 photo booth photos | Gift bag
Party favors | 2 cake tops | 1 logo t-shirt

Going to the Chapel Package - $195.00
20 minute wedding ceremony | Silk flower bouquet | 2 champagne cans | 2 eraser rings | 2 photo booth photos | Gift bag
Party favors | 6 cake tops | 2 logo t-shirts | Marque Hotel Guest List for 4 people

Total bargains, huh? :)
Oh, and legally binding ceremonies will cost an additional $90.
What’s that, you ask? Legally binding? That’s right. You don’t HAVE to have a real wedding at this chapel. You can try marriage on for 24 hours with a faux wedding if that’s what you’d prefer. Heck, even your pets can get married here! And you think I’m kidding…

Although it was a teensy bit hard for me to take this place seriously {sure, everyone thinks about elopement at one point in their lives} I had serious thoughts while studying this place from the outside saying, “Hmm… this is a really cool wedding venue.” If eloping in Vegas IS your style, I’d have to recommend this place. I’m not sure if Elvis can be the one to perform the ceremony here, but this place has everything else going for it. {Speaking of Elvis… I did meet him on this past trip of mine. More on that later.}

If you decide to take this route, feel free to visit - Oh, and be sure to invite me :)




Carolyn said...

What a crazy idea! It's definitely more cute than I thought it would be though! :)

asj said...

so cute, definitely classier than a drunk elvis marrying you! we eloped but not in vegas... that definitely wasn't my style!

Sami said...

This is SO right up my alley! I would much rather save all of that money from a big wedding and go on a fabulous vacation with my new hubby! Now I just have to convince my future husband that this is a good idea :)

Katie said...

You and your travels ladies has me so jelly!! where is all this loot coming from?! can you SEND it my way?! ;) sounds fabulous! hope all is well..I need an update :)

CALLIE said...

This is so awesome. If Kendol and I ever make our way to Vegas, we will DEF be having a 2nd wedding at one of these chapels. I prefer one with Elvis... you know... since he was my first love and all!!

Jax said...

Super cute and fun! And I love that the first package is called "hitched in a hurry" hahaahaa...

Britt said...

How fun! My husband and I agree that every 10 years we will renew our vows. Vegas is on the list of places to do it:)

Cristie Young said...

That is SO fun! I love how suave it all looks.


K_stets said...

VEGAS!!! So glad you had fun, when you come back...we should try and do a blate! Since you got all these awesome pics, does that mean someone got married? LOL kidding. I really want to do it sometime, and send a pic to family/friends and freak them out. Just cause they would believe I did that.

Jackson said...

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