Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Staht in Boston – Paht Two

It’s time to wrap up the rest of my Boston re-cap. In case you missed “Paht One” be sure to check it out here! This recap is a bit picture heavy but worth it so, take a seat, relax, and stay a while :)

While walking through town we came across some prettyyy interesting sculptures, if I do say so myself!


If you see the below trolley while you’re in Boston, jump on it. Why, you ask?
A. It will take you to DOYLE’s. It’s said to be shown in quite a few films/shows, Mystic River being one of them.
B. The trolley driver is HILARIOUS and has THE greatest Boston accent. Here are some quotes if you don’t believe me:

“When the music stahts, that’s right… you’re dancing for the people.”
”I eat chowdah like cereal for breakfast.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering. Loud music and disco lights were a part of this adventure. If you didn’t already want to visit Boston, you should now :)


Now, it’s time to talk about chowdah. Clam chowdah to be exact. I left Boston knowing that I had eaten the best chowdah I’ve ever had.


Amazing. Union Oyster House did not let me down. It was thick, full of yummy potatoes, and had just the right amount of flavor. I tried lobster bisque at Quincy Market a couple days later  and it just did not suffice. Go to Union Oyster House and order a bowl or two of their clam chowdah. Also, please ask for it just like that - “chowdah.”


Another site we stumbled upon was this fascinating and touching Holocaust Memorial. There was mist everywhere and quotes were etched into the glass.

Upon walking from the Financial District to ohhh, Copley Square {aka a LONG way}, we stumbled upon yet another surprise – ice sculptures.


This ice sculpture had everything from a school of fish to a bikini to a lobster frozen inside. Maybe I’ll take up ice sculpting.

Then, it was time for New Year’s Eve. We went to a quaint, little place right on the water. The guy to girl ratio had to be 75/25. Crazy. But, don’t think it was necessarily a good thing.
I had to politely decline not one but two guys on their offers to dance. The second guy didn’t stand a chance. When a guy is slurring his words so badly that I have to ask him FOUR times what he said, he then proceeds to make fun of me for drinking Diet Coke, and STILL doesn’t leave me alone when I have to ask him to please leave, something is wrong.

That aside, I had a great New Year’s Eve and welcomed 2012 with a new outlook.


Okay, okay and since I talked about my New Year’s outfit in a prior post, here’s what the whole sha-bang looked like:


The next day, we headed over to our favorite little place, Quincy Market for a bite to eat before heading off to Harvard.


That’s right. We ventured over to the little town of Cambridge and became Harvard students for the day. Except, not really because school was not in sesh. Sad. It would have made the trip that much better because, to be honest, Harvard was a bit of a disappointment. Much smaller than I expected. The buildings were still gorgeous, nonetheless.


I’m not sure what was better – Occupy Harvard…

Or walking by a dorm window and seeing some sort of crazy algebraic equations/functions/I’m not even sure what language scribbled onto the window shade.


Oh, Harvard.

And that’s pretty much where the picture-taking ended. We headed over to the Harvard bookstore and then took the subway back to our side of town. We finished the trip with a visit to the movies where we saw one of the best movies I have probably ever seen – We Bought a Zoo. I’m almost positive when I say that this movie brought the entire theatre to tears at certain points. Tears of joy and maybe a few tears of sadness. It was a touching, funny, inspiring movie that I recommend you all to go and see. Now! :)

All in all, Boston is a great city. I feel like I always learn something new in each city I visit. Boston sure taught me a thing or two – about this country and about myself. Among all the hustle and bustle and Boston accents, I feel like this city is one where you can feel right at home :)


Katie said...


Love all of this! I miss it so much there. I am obsessed with the oyster house and am so glad you went!!!

jessica said...

great posts. great pictures. looks like you girlies had lots of fun. makes me want to check out boston now.

i've been dying to see we bought a zoo. now i HAVE to see it soon!

CALLIE said...

O my goodness!! All of your pictures are gorgeous. I have got to get to Boston asap.

And p.s. What a hotty on NYE!! Love that skirt.

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Lindsey said...

ugh!! I'm still dieing of jealously over here. Need that clam chowdah too.

"When a guy is slurring his words so badly that I have to ask him FOUR times what he said, he then proceeds to make fun of me for drinking Diet Coke, and STILL doesn’t leave me alone when I have to ask him to please leave, something is wrong."

hahahahahahahahha love it.

Daisy said...

Wow these pictures are fabulous! How exciting to start fresh and in new place.

Ashley said...

Wow .. Never been up Boston but now I need to go! Loved your new years outfit :)

Rebecca said...

Union Oyster House has the best chowder! Glad you had a good trip!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

I love your pictures! This post makes me miss that city 100x than i already do. Oh, and you outfit is fabulous!

Ashley said...

hahaha the boston accent comments are killing me!! Too funny! I've never been to downtown Boston but want to go soon!

Young and Fabulous said...

this is fantastic!! you did an amazing job describing boston and its amazingness :-) makes me SO HAPPY you had such an awesome time here

chowder...hell yes AMAZING. And yeah I have to agree Harvard isnt all its cracked up to be hahah buildings are gorgeous but yeah its not too HUGE like youd picture from movies and such!

love this! now come back and see me next time fo sho!


Sarah said...

Awesome pics! I love hearing other people talk about the accents. We kind of forget how extreme they are until other people bring it up! If you ever come back, go in the summer & go to the Cape. Amazing beaches & BEST chowdah! :)

Raquel said...

Awesome pictures! Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love Boston. I wanna go visit again soon!

Lindsay said...

DOYLE'S!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! My BF and I go there all the time - his cousin and her new hubby are bartenders there! Where did you go for NYE?

Miss K said...

i seriously love all the pics you took during this trip, they'd look great as a wall collage.

Frances said...

aahh my home!!! so glad you found my blog so i could find yours! love your boston recaps! and of course your wedding wednesdays, you have great taste!!