Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Wrong Paths of Life

Today, I need to take a moment to write about something that I'm grateful for, especially recently. I know I wrote about something similar not too long ago, but I guess that just proves how grateful I am right now. I am grateful for all the detours life took me on. All the wrong paths I walked. All the wrong relationships. All the wrong friends. I'm grateful for the bad times I had to go through.

Because I know, had I not gone through those bad times with the wrong choices and the wrong paths, I wouldn't be on the path that I'm on today. They led me where I am now. Yes, there were many detours and bridges that broke as I crossed over them. There were barren riverbeds and forests so heavy with foliage, I couldn't see ahead.

Yet, no matter how brutal or lonely or exhausting or heartbreaking it was, I needed it.

Most importantly, I'm glad my consciousness has evolved.

I look back at the paths I used to be on and gratitude fills my heart for no longer being there today.

I'm grateful that I've moved onward and upward far away from those paths. I'm grateful for the tools I have now to help me on this new path of mine. It's another path with detours and bumps but I'm better fit for it. And as I continue on, I'll continue to learn. I'll see new things along this path. And slowly but surely, I'll start to feel it more and more; that this is the path home.

The above quote is taken from the book that I am currently reading, "A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle. I highly recommend it. So much wisdom!


Chelsea said...

Love that quote!! This post is so true in so many ways about my life right now. It made me feel better about my decisions I've made. Anything made for your happiness is going to be a good long term path :)

LaurenMarie said...

Great post! Lately I have felt very blessed beyond measure! Remembering to thank God during this time is a a must but it also reminds me of the times when I was in a dark place and couldn't understand why I was going through so much pain. But that just makes us cherish the happy times doesn't it? :) I'm also thankful for the wrong paths and I'm happy you are also in a stage of life that you can reflect on the bad to understand the good :)

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

What a beautiful quote. I think it's incredibly important to remember things that hurt you or people that you hurt because it makes us who we are! That's how we learn and grow!