Friday, August 16, 2013

August Gratitude

August is halfway over and I've blogged four times [not including today!] Life has been busy, yes, but instead of forcing myself to stay up late every night to make sure a blog gets posted each weekday, I've just been stopping to observe life instead. If I'm tired, I go to bed early. If I don't feel like writing, I don't. As simple as that sounds, I think more often than not, it can be a struggle for many of us.

Through my stopping and observing this month, I was feeling gratitude in the least expected of moments. You know, that deep, out-of-this-world feeling in your heart that comes out of nowhere. The one that makes you hum while you walk through the store. Or makes you just want to hold the door open for everyone, or let every car over in front of you no matter how much longer it will make your trip. Here are some of those moments of gratitude:

+ For the ocean in front of my own eyes. Everyday.

+ For the people who wave when I pull over in my neighborhood so they can pass me and for the people who pull over so I can get by. [The streets here are pretty narrow.]

+ For the memories I have of my mom and for how strongly I felt those memories and moments this week.

+ For the freedom I have to work toward my dreams.

+ For a wonderful family I get to see in 5 days.

+ For the love of people who've known me and loved me through my many stages and phases of life.

+ For the smell of eucalyptus mint.

+ For the vitality I feel from the raw foods I've been eating.

+ For the tenderness in my shoulders as new muscles develop.

+ For the chance I have each morning to make that day better than the last.

+ For the view as I drive over the 8 and look out at the sun setting over the valley with all the palm trees and the ocean out in the distance.


And that's just this week :)

As Friday wraps up, I'm preparing to leave for Las Vegas and less than 12 hours after arriving back in SD, off to DC I fly! Life is about to get even busier but I have a feeling that might mean more opportunities for gratitude!

What are you grateful for this week?


Jennifer Lynn said...

Thank you for this. :)

Ash said...

... and then a few days after DC you're in big bear!!! you crazy girl...

also.. raw foods!!!!! THE BEST!

Kristen said...

great post! it's always nice to stop and realize how blessed we are, even the little things!

Mademoiselle Michael said...

You are awesome. What a beautiful post. The funny thing is that gratitude really does not require that much from us! I've been working on it lately and this list has encouraged me to write them down. (I have an actual gratitude journal but I've gotten lazy and while I recognize things, I haven't been writing them down like I should.)

Enjoy Las Vegas and DC! I used to live in both cities and miss them both very much!